Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (19 January – 5 July ) was a . Suhra – which is among the most important novels in Malayalam literature in spite of its. Complete works of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer except post humously publishe.. . a classic from the malayalam literature novels & stories with humorous. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (21st January – 05th July ) was one of the prominent Malayalam fiction writers. Born at Thalayolaparambu in Vaikom he .

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History of this region is related to Venad, venattarachan gave a part of his kingdom to the minister of Chazhi Illam as a gift for killing the king of Vadakkumkoor. Currently construction Industry is a contributor to the economy of this region.

ബഷീർ സമ്പൂർണ കൃതികൾ | Basheer Sampoorna Kruthikal by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

In fact, I organised one or two bookstalls so that I could get more books to read. High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam. The religious harmony of the place is evident as one can see malayalsm churches, temples and mosques situated close to each other, Thalayolaparambu is home for eight Hindu Temples, four Churches and two Mosques.

Kozhikode served as the headquarters of the district. Jan 26, Nuhas rated it it mhammad ok.

Jobin Mercy rated it really liked it Oct 30, They exchange love-promises standing on two sides of a wall, only to be separated without even being able to say good-bye.

While at jail, he forbade M. I have even now!

Shakuntala writes to Dushyanta. He wrote one of his most famous works, Pathummayude Aadu Pathumma’s Goatwhile undergoing treatment in a mental hospital in Thrissur. Born at Thalayolaparambu in Vaikom he is better known as Beypore Sultan. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat Malabar District was considered too large for effective administration and it was divided into the districts of Kozhikode, Kannur, and Palakkad on 1 January He managed to climb on to the car in which Gandhi travelled and touch his hand, a fond memory Basheer later mentioned in many of his writings.


The stories he heard from policemen and prisoners there appeared in later works, and he wrote a few stories while at the lock-up itself. I think it was from Later, for about 10 years he travelled all over India and spent time as an asetic with Hindu saints and Sufi mystics.

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer – Wikipedia

Initially, even his publishers were unappreciative of the beauty of this language; they edited out or modified conversations. In the months following, he undertook several fasts unto death to promote religious harmony, the last of these, undertaken on 12 Vwikom when he was 78, also had the indirect goal of pressuring India to pay out some cash assets owed to Pakistan. It is years since I have started writing kn.

But he lost the agency when a bicycle accident incapacitated him temporarily. He managed to climb on to the car in which Gandhi travelled and touch his hand, a fond vikom Basheer later mentioned in many of his writings. He was noted for his path-breaking, disarmingly down-to-earth style of writing that made him equally popular among literary critics as well as the common man.

About the influence of Western literature in biographj works, Basheer once wrote: Araf Karsh rated it really liked it Jun 16, He was one of those outspoken figures who revolutionized Malayalam Literature, and Thus the World Literature itself with his dauntless sarcasm, satire, and black humor. Tipu Sultan at the lines of Travancore. Want to Read saving….

The interior of the Mohabbat Khan Mosque is elaborately fresco ed with elegant and intricately detailed floral and geometric motifs. British Residency in Quilon. All of Basheer’s love stories have found their way into the hearts of readers; perhaps no other writer has had such an influence on the way Malayalis view of love. Khushwant Singh, English Writer, India.


A houseboat basherr the Kerala backwaters. Srinivasa IyengarK. Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Though his works have been translated to English and eighteen Indian languages, the peculiarity of the language he uses makes the translations lose a lot of sheen.

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

The language got the name Malayalam during the mid 19th century, the biogrraphy of Malayalam, an independent offshoot of the proto-Dravidian language, has been and continues to be an engaging pursuit among comparative historical linguists.

Basheer’s contempt for grammatical correctness is exemplified by his statement Ninte Lodukkoos Aakhyaadam! Premalekhanam [Love-letter] Balyakala Mqlayalam [Childhood friend] Ntuppuppaakkoraanendaarnnu [My grandpa had an vaiko, Aanavariyum Ponkurisum [Aanavari and Ponkurisu] Paattummayude Aadu [Pattummaa’s goat] Mathilukal [Walls] Bhoomiyude Avakaasikal [The owners of the earth] He also wrote the screenplay for the Malayalam movie Bhargavinilayam Venad was a state at the tip of the Indian Subcontinent.

Hardcoverpages. One contrast among his works is between those that are primarily autobiographical as far as events and characters are concerned and those that are the product of the author’s imagination. After returning to Kerala, he continued to contribute to the independence movement through his writings for which he was jailed many times.

Thus the end of the Second Chera dynasty in the 12th century marks the independence mwlayalam Venad, the history of Travancore began with Marthanda Varma, who inherited the kingdom of Venad, and expanded it into Travancore during his reign.