Completing the Card Use Verification Form Now that you know how you are going to resolve your transaction(s), it’s simple to complete the form. Check the box. The Card Use Verification form is available on the WageWorks Web site when you log into your account. A link titled ‘Submit Receipts for Health Care Card Use’ . is new for and enables merchants to verify eligible purchases at the register When you use your Card for an eligible item or service, the money is taken Use another form of payment and submit receipts for reimbursement via Pay.

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WageWorks Web Tutorial: WageWorks Card Use Verification Form

If you have a Card transaction that requires verification, you will be notified immediately on the Welcome page verificaion login and via email. To pay a provider: I want to learn more about You can choose from two accounts: You are, however, required to keep each receipt for tax purposes, and in the event it is needed for verification.

While your WageWorks Health Care Card and account offer a great deal of convenience, both are regulated by IRS rules that all participants are required to follow. If you do not take action within 90 days:.

The Card Use Verification form should be the first sheet of your fax, please don’t use a cover-page. Please keep the following tips in mind when sending a fax. Substitute documentation may be for the same amount as the original transaction or it could add up to the amount of the original transaction.

Third, the date of service or the purchase. The patient name Provider name Date of service Type of service The amount you were charged or your cost e.


Pay for services or purchases on the same day you receive them. Please make sure the documentation includes the following five pieces of information. If your health plan covers a portion of the cost, make sure you know what amount you need to pay before using the WageWorks Health Care Card, by presenting your health plan member ID card first, so the merchant can identify your co-pay or coinsurance amount and ensure the service is claimed to your health care, dental, or vision insurance plan.

With either FSA, you benefit from having less taxable income in each of your paychecks, which means more spendable income to use toward your eligible medical and dependent care expenses. Please make sure to include all documentation with your Card Use Verification Form.

Also, don’t forget to complete the dollar amount. Keep in mind that if an insurance payment was made, this information must wagewkrks included on the documentation you send. Now, let’s discuss the types of documentation that may be sent in to take care of Card Use Verification Requests. Failure to do so will result in your Card being suspended.

How to Verify a Card Transaction If WageWorks is unable to determine that your Card was used to pay for eligible health care products and services, you will need to take the following action to verify the transaction: The amount of your check will be added back into your account as an adjustment for the vsrification transaction and be available for other eligible health care purchases. In most instances, your Card transaction will be verified at checkout, which means you will not have to submit a receipt to WageWorks after the transaction.


Your Health Care FSA may be used to reimburse eligible expenses wagewofks by yourself, your spouse, your qualifying child catd your qualifying relative. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to upload and submit your claim. Examples of how to use your FSA: Unlike cadd Medical Expense FSA, the entire maximum annual amount is not available during the plan year, but rather after your payroll deductions are received. Use your WageWorks Health Care Card instead of cash or credit at health care providers and pharmacies for eligible services, goods and prescriptions.

Cardd claims are processed within one to two business days after they are received, and payments are sent shortly thereafter. The fax number, email address and mailing address are listed at the top of the form. For each transaction that’s listed, be sure you mark whether you’re sending the actual documentation. If documentation for the actual transaction is not available, you may submit substitute documentation for any eligible purchase that was not made with your WageWorks Health Care Card or filed as a Pay Me Back claim.

The amount of any outstanding unverified Card transactions may be deducted from your next Pay Me Back claim submission.

First, the patient name, this may be excluded for over the counter items. For each transaction that’s listed, be sure you mark whether you’re sending the actual documentation, a substitute receipt or a check to repay the account.

Online Claims You waheworks file a claim online to request reimbursement for your eligible expenses. Before shopping for prescriptions and OTC items, always visit www.