Read the Commitment Card p. Board of Education to end segregated schools because of the Pupil Placement Law. The teacher might also want to create a bulletin board where students can add events, pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. Evaluate song as an effective medium for delivering a political message. How did those successes and challenges from Albany influence his actions in Birmingham? Produce a short presentation PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. MLK draws on the weak and innocent children, Black women to evoke sympathy. I am over What does this paragraph suggest about him as a leader? Find the lyrics of “We Shall Overcome.

Using either Wordle http: Why were moderates another form of resistance? How was each step enacted in Birmingham? In pairs, students will look at the images and predict connections between the images and the text.

MLK and Shuttlesworth have sent out word about a meeting for all volunteers to prepare for launching a direct-action campaign.

What did states and the federal government do to avert African American equality? How is time used as a metaphor? Critical Thinking Activities Socratic Seminar: The National Archives has several different handouts for teachers to help students with the analysis http: Do you find this use of time effective?


MLK makes the case for why African Americans are which advice would weaken a problem-solution essay to demand equality. He describes the racial disparities besetting African Americans in the United States and argues, “Equality had never arrived.

The run-off election is scheduled for April 2. What are the current conditions of African Americans in the United States? What does it mean?

Conduct research and create a presentation that details the people and updates your audience on the status of solving their murders. Explain MLK’s decision to involve young people. What do you notice about rhythm? What is “violent tension”? Describe how states were able to use the Pupil Placement Law to avoid integration.

Philip Randolph Institute http: Students use a notebook to record textual impressions of what they read. What accounts for changes?

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What can you determine based on what has changed and what remains the same? Do you think these invocations strengthen or weaken his argument?


Reflect on the statement “Someone once wrote: Discussion Questions List the different ways some attempted to “keep the Negro in his place” historically. MLK draws on the weak and innocent children, Black women to evoke sympathy.

Teachers can break up the reading based on their allocated time periods. Do you think that the movement was unsuccessful?

Beacon Press: Teachers’ Guide: Why We Can’t Wait

How did she, and others, draw strength from these songs? Teachers should encourage students to draw on their vocabulary journal regularly. Instruct students to keep a timeline of events as they read. Why were most White Americans unprepared for a Negro uprising? What accounts for factors that remain unchanged? Why does MLK call compromising “profane and pernicious” p.