In Bob Kauflin, a pastor with Sovereign Grace Churches and Director of Sovereign Grace Music, wrote Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the . Worship Matters has ratings and reviews. A privilege to somehow be mentored by Bob Kauflin about worship through his book. I find what he has. 45 quotes from Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God: ‘Worship is God’s gift of grace to us before it’s our offering to God.

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Very practical for novice worship leaders who seek to know the ins and outs of a well-functioning, God-glorifying music team, as well as more experienced leaders who’d like to be reminded the basics and more.

Awesome-highly recommended for anyone involved kaufkin worship ministry-really practical and matterss also challenges you to have the right heart n motivation and reminds you where to keep the focus! The Lord sees and judges the heart; he has no regard to outward forms of worship, if there be no inward adoration, if no devout affection be employed therein.

The last two chapters were outstanding. That’s an important distinction to make, maters one which Bob Kauflin makes in this valuable book: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Bob Kauflin – Worship Matters: Worship Music, or Music Worship?

The heart of the book unpacks Kauflin’s thesis concerning the task of a worship leader: These applications are of great import and spill out in the broader discussion of the book. May 16, Brian Collins added it. It matters to God because he is the one ultimately worthy of all worship.

We learn that music isn’t an end in itself but rather a means of expressing the worship already present in our hearts through the new life we’ve received in Jesus Christ. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Dec 19, Suzy Sia rated it it was amazing.

When I was first given this book just over a year ago by our song leader, I wasn’t too enthused. While the book is primarily advice for worship leaders, and the band The author, a pastor and noted songwriter, skillfully instructs pastors, musicians, and church leaders so that they can root their Nothing is more essential than knowing how to worship the God who created us.


This could lead to an uncomfortable situation in which some people feel as though they must choose between a worship service of theologically rich but stylistically objectionable music or a service of theologically shallow but stylistically traditional music. The attempted Scriptural argumentation is thin and theologically flawed. Our answers to those questions will lead us straight to the God or gods we love and worship. I’d failed to see that the only approval that matters–God’s–is impossible to earn but is offered as a gift through the gospel.

In fact, it’s a great book for any one who wants to worship God in spirit and truth. The book is unparalleled in its depth and breadth on the topic. If our doctrine is accurate but our hearts are cold toward God himself, our corporate worship will be true but lifeless.

Keep this in your back pocket By Andy JuddJul 27 That which was less satisfactory were his early questioning of the This book proved itself to be inspiring and practical. He encourages right relationships first. In regard to life, the reader is reminded that the worship leader must model a life worthy of the Lord. This reviewer found the following points of great significance in the first section: We subtly take pride in our worship, our singing, our playing, our planning, our performance, our leadership.

Bob Kauflin – Worship Matters: Worship Music, or Music Worship? – Christian Music

Whether you’ve been leading for a long time or are just starting out, this book has a lot of Biblical insight, personal experience, and deep wisdom. We forget that worship of the triune God includes the Holy Spirit. Books by Bob Kauflin. Was it to keep rhythm, as is still the practice in some cultures? That’s why biblical worship is God-focused God is clearly seenGod-centered God is clearly the priorityand God-exalting God is clearly honored. This book challenged me to think about the why’s behind the worship activities we partake in every week, and far from being a defense of a particular application of music in worship, Kauflin instead encourages all worshipers to draw their patterns and positions from Scripture.


Bestsellers in Ministry Resources. I find what he has written here to be relevant and applicable. Not meant to be a comprehensive list, Kauflin lists the following: Neither option brings God glory. Kauflin unpacks what a worship leader does, discusses healthy tensions in our theology and practice of worship, speaks specifically to the relational dynamics in which every worship leader is involved with the church, the team, the pastorand more.

Worship Matters is more than just another book about worship, and it is more than mztters little commentary and list of suggestions on how to “do music” better. A worshiping community recognizes that passionate times of singing God’s praise flow from and lead to passionate lives lived for the glory of Jesus Christ. As a cessationist, when Kauflin speaks of the ways we should expect the Holy Spirit to work when we corporately worship God, there is some of it I disagree with.

Worship is our humble, constant, appropriate, glad response to God’s self-revelation and his enabling invitation. But he is weakest in his arguments in favor of using all styles of music in worship. What a breakthrough book in this area.

Worship Matters Quotes by Bob Kauflin

But normally not as obvious. He is holy, holy, holy. I think it is an unhelpful term which implies that we are only worshipping God when we are singing.

This book is an excellent read and one that has greatly enriched me in several ways. Bob Kauflin Bob Kauflin traveled with the Christian group Glad for eight years as a songwriter, speaker, and arranger before becoming a pastor with Sovereign Grace Ministries in He does an excellent job at pointing out all the issues with the term that I would have raised and makes no effort to defend the term from them.