The 12BE6 is a heptode or pentagrid valve. The heptode is classically pins, is 47 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type 12BE6 was first introduced in 12BA6. 12BE6. Page 1. !! C. CE ELECTRONICS. 12BABE6. – DESCRIPTION AND RATING. BA6. 12BA6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode. The 12BA6 is a. electron Tube Data sheets – 1. 12BE6, General Electric, H, ( bytes). 12BE6, Brimar, H, ( bytes). 12BE6 photo, RCA (RC30).

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12BA7 to 12BE6 or 12SA7

Collection of Ulrich Fieseler D. For other types of frequency converters please, see Frequency mixer. The device had no suppressor grid. It appears that the gm advantage of the 12SG7 over the 12SK7 is valid only at the lowest control grid bias level.

It was developed in Germany as a mixer but was designed from the start to be used with a separate triode oscillator. Shortly after Armstrong invented the superheterodyne, a triode mixer stage design was developed that not only mixed the incoming signal with the local oscillator, but the datasbeet valve doubled as the oscillator. I started on the 12SG7 tube page and followed some of the radio links. Thus the grid configuration was grid datashfet, signal input; grids 2 and 4 screen grids connected together – again, usually internally and grid 3 was the oscillator input.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Another high transconductance pentagrid covnverter that would be useful for 6. Collection of Patrice Zeissloff F. The 12BA7 gives twice the conversion transconductance of the other tubes.

This was done in such a way that Philips claimed that the oscillator electron beam and the mixer electron beams were separated as much as possible and thus the pulling effect was minimised.

Collection of Ottmar Rollmann D.

12BA7 to 12BE6 or 12SA7

The improvement for both radios was also quite obvious to my ears. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Another triode acted as a mixer by coupling the oscillator signal into the mixer’s cathode and the received signal to the grid.


Collection of Dayasheet Fischer D.

Once again, the problem of coupling between the circuits would be ever present. It would therefore have been quite impossible to prevent the signal from one grid coupling out of the other.

For the 12SK7 is umhos at the same conditions. They put on sale inthe X41 triode-hexode frequency changer.

In these circuits, the suppressor grid 3 acted as the oscillator grid, and the valve operated in a similar manner to a true pentagrid. Although technically a four-component electrode device, neither the term tetrode nor the tetrode valve as it is known today had yet appeared. Grid 1 acted as the oscillator grid as before, but in this case, grids 2 and 4 were connected together again usually internally. The pulling effect had a beneficial side effect in that it gave a degree of automatic tuning.

Collection of Emilio Focosi I. Views Read Edit View history. I made a casual measurement of the performance improvement with the Teletone with a DC measurement of the AGC line: I made a casual measurement of the performance improvement with the Teletone with a DC measurement of the AGC line:.

The sum and difference frequencies were then available in the mixer’s anode circuit. The American devices although having no secondary emission due to the suppressor grid, nevertheless were able to get the required non linearity by biasing the oscillator such that the valve was overdriven. It will be noted that the UK version would have had significant secondary emission and would also have had a tetrode kink.

InEdwin Armstrong used only triodes when he invented the superheterodyne receiver. The cathode is tied to the suppressor grid.

Adding the suppressor allowed Sylvania to lower the current of the 6. I was a bit surprised with the results. The 9 pin socket of the 12BA7 even fits very nicely inside bakelite plug. One 12e6 the things I enjoy when repairing my tube radios, is getting them to perform as well as they can. Collection of Karl datsheet Heinz Bossan D. It is known that Donald G. The valve would datashete been very inefficient, but, most importantly, the capacitive coupling between the two grids would have been very large.


In the case of the Hallicrafters, the cutting edge of this set was to be a very good short wave receiver at very low cost. The UK manufacturers were initially unable to use this type of mixer because of the BVA prohibition on multiple structures and indeed unwilling to use separate valves because of the levy. You should noticed substantially stronger volume than before, or a more negative AVC voltage.

Pentagrid converter

I looked for the same type of log scale plot that was used in the 12SK7 data sheet, in the data sheets of the other tubes, but could not find any. I managed to wedge the original 12SA7 in the lower left corner of the case. This was not considered a major problem in broadcast receivers where the signals were likely to be strong, but it became a problem when trying to receive weak signals that were close to strong signals. Collection of Christian Schaufelberger CH. The socket connections are not exactly the same.

Some of the extra current in this radio comes from the 35L6 pentode pair used in parallel at the output. Collection of Niclas Pettersson S. The difference in performance between the two tubes was not as obvious as it was with 12BA7 vs 12SA7 pentagrid mixers mentioned above, despite a two-to-one ratio in transconductances in the pentodes. All the ingredients for the pentagrid were now in place. Datashheet some designs, a suppressor grid was added to produce yet another datasehet design.

The cathode was connected to a secondary coil on the oscillator coil and thus coupled the oscillator into the pentode mixer section, the signal being applied to grid 1 in the conventional manner.

Collection of Massimo Pedrina I.