His work in information dynamics, technological evolution, and economic history form the basis for the predictions in Aftershock. Dr. Wiedemer is the Chief. On May 4th, , Mr. Robert Wiedemer, co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Aftershock Investor, visited the Monex offices and sat down for an . “In , Robert Wiedemer co-authored the best selling book, America’s Bubble Economy, that accurately predicted the credit and real estate meltdown of

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It’s a sad comment on just how pessimistic I feel about the financial state of this country that Aftershock actually seemed LESS gloomy than I’d wiedrmer. Oh yeah, the infomercial people trying to sell me their investment advice. Much harder times coming before better. One correct prediction is not enough for me to throw away all the investment wisdom I’ve gotten from academic economists, and trust in three obscure financial planners.

Private debt has long been astonishing.

The next two–the afttershock and government debt bubbles–will make that one look like a blip by comparison. Very interesting economics book. The economy will grind nearly to a halt. Now we should trust that they are going to hit it big with their dire predictions of economic gloom and doom.

Aftershock Robert Wiedemer | Next Global Financial Meltdown

They even think that the idea that securities could have taken down the economy is plain out wrong. The same one economists have been pushing since before economics existed, in fact all the way to the dawn of modern civilization: Today, do you still feel as confident in your recommendation?


It could be afgershock bad and in combination with a government debt their will be no bail out or stimulus this time. Predicted inflation solely on the basis that Money Supply has been increasing without regard of the other economic forces that counter act a rise in Money supply.

All these ideas have one thing in common: I’m still not going to invest in it. The go over in detail chapter by chapter what has afterrshock that they predicted would happen. Of course, when inflation hits, and bond face values fall, yields climb Wieedemer 06, Christina rated it liked it. How do you do you deal with the barrage of information that you are getting?? The Fed’s stats are 1. What do you think wiedfmer be the key economic event — or events — that signal the next serious downturn?

Even if a certain event occurs again it does not mean the surrounding conditions are the same, no matter what field of study. They are printing money and riding the bubbles just like us.

What is Bob Wiedemer’s Outlook for the Financial Markets and Precious Metals for 2017 and Beyond?

Not 5 pages, 5 paragraphs! Open Preview See a Problem? The irony with selling the apocalypse is that individual investors are a fickle lot — renewal rates to investment newsletters and advice services move in lockstep with how the market is doing.


Remember the equation from your macroecon class. In the video of the summit, Robert enunciates dire predictions between shots of Obama and elderly people wearing janitor and fast food uniforms. They compare this with how a successful general wants to keep coasting on the success of his previous war or battle by ignoring the current situation and applying the now irrelevant solutions to the current problem.

Continuing increases in GDP require either more consumption by existing populations since there must be an upper limit to need, even perhaps to want, such increases necessarily must reach an end, where all needs wiedsmer met, where consumption reaches its saturation point or continual increases in global population that would create new consumers here we run into the carrying capacity, however defined, of the planet.

Working for an IT company, I remember well how the Internet bubble popped in Lists with This Book. Thanks for telling us about wwiedemer problem. The author’s analysis of the current Bubble Economy is compelling.