Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is the final part of a three-part series of I was hoping for a sourcebook on the ancient Netherese ruins, the Bedine, and. In the pages of this sourcebook, Anauroch comes to life. Its dark, innermost secrets are revealed, and the colorful cultures of the Bedine — and beings far worse.

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I’m not really up on my Netheril lore, but wasn’t the whole point of the Anauroch is that powerful magic affected the area? Even throw in some ‘the geography can change in an instant’, with the earth heaving up, or flash-floods, etc. Markustay Realms Explorer extraordinaire.

Then, because technically some of that life came from magic, the phaerimm return it all to nothing. He subsequently began a long, anauorch, and painful process of dying of neglect.

I just think the alternate explanation of an enduring enchantment is also possible though I admittedly lack familiarity with much of the old lore.

Anauroch (forgotten Realms) Ad&d 2nd Ed Sourcebook TSR Fr13 | eBay

So, he made the sun burn the area forever more, turning it from sojrcebook temperate desert to a blazing hot desert.

Characters when they realise are like – what the hell – and it’s an excuse for them to learn about some Netherese lore!

They eat magic and life because the place has to be a desert later. Smile because it happened. Once there was no moisture and the soil was parched and dry, it stayed that way because the local environment had been altered. What happened when they got there? The ‘buried primordial’ thing doesn’t really work beause the ice wasn’t there when Netheirl was around, so maybe a couple million frozen Sarrukh? So basically, we get a somewhat ‘darker’ version of Evermeet where Evermeet would actually be useful.

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What does this get us? Check out our website at http: Gyor Master of Realmslore Posts. Wooly Rupert Master of Mischief. In sourceook, looking at the map that came with Storm King’s ThunderI would say that region in its entirety should be THE focus for FR stuff moving forward, so not just ‘The North’ but sohrcebook what sourcdbook of that map is, and the ‘border areas’ of it.

We have something along those lines in a cuple of forest in the south For whatever reason, it seems like the gods of the Netherese were purposely split asunder themselves, a few centuries after the fall. It doesn’t make any sense.

Edited by – KanzenAU on 20 Mar Admitedly calling the local nomads “Bedine” was rather typical cheese. The battle awakens what turns out to be a hive of the creatures, and they use the life and magic-draining power of the spire against the lands below. Was there any mention of how the Bedine bedouins are doing in the 5th edition timeline? The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the 3. I was thinking in the other thread that because he thinks he is charge of ‘all time’, and thus his followers may have felt he was as well, that he should have foresaw the destruction of Netheril.

Originally posted by Markustay In canon, only the lower southern desert was supposed to be ‘hot’, but even that was a stretch. Martin Drury of RPGamer wrote that the adventure “[ To all Facebook-using FR fans, you might be interested in checking out this page: Originally posted by Wooly Rupert The Anauroch Desert has nothing to do with the phaerimm eating magic.

Well, shadow-magic is closely related to illusions – maybe they cast large illusions in a lot of areas to make folks think they were doing better than they were.

Anauroch (forgotten Realms) Ad&d 2nd Ed Sourcebook TSR Fr13

On reflection, “the stubborn nature of Anauroch’s enchantment of barrenness” could be interpreted either way, and foliage does seem to come back easier than would be expected if the lifedrain was still going strong.


A change in the atmosphere over that area resulting from the insane magic the Netherese were using towards the end, making the sun hotter locally 3. I do still think it would make the rapid reversal a little easier to swallow.

Now, we know thats really just a cosmic typo, but I was also trying to figure out why he would have gotten blamed and perhaps banished.

Candlekeep Forum – 5th Edition Anauroch: desert is back or not?

However, I think it’s possible that Amaunator’s “glorious return” is also directly linked to the second part of that sentence – that the desert sands will return.

Ari Seeker 40 Posts. Slight rez, because just came across this in the Companions which got me thinking: I’d say it gets somewhat warm in the daytime since there is little vegetation to absorb the naked sun’s raysbut it becomes quite cooler at night like many high desert regions do. It wouldn’t really hurt anything and would be more belieavable.

TomCosta Forgotten Realms Designer.

However, something occurred back on Toril the Mualn Godwar which distracted the Imaskari, or cut-off the remaining ones. Edited by – Mapolq on 18 Mar It’s a desert because their magic caused desert-like conditions — specifically, the absence of water and the inability of plants to grow. At least that’s a step in the right direction a burning hot desert is just all wrong for that latitude, IMHO.

May have finally figured it out.