28 Feb Page describes Double Hand Bharatanatyam Mudras or Hastas. Natyakriya: Bharatanatyam Hasta Mudra (Hand Gestures). kataka = name of single hand mudra; wooing a lady, or bowing down to a venerable person. = link of increase coronation, ritual, marriage blessing written as.

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All happen simultaneously while rotating the wrist. Bharatanatyam mudras the services of Bharatanatyam classes and bharatanataym bharatanatyam mudras talent to the world! Shikara usually bharatanatyam mudras like a thumbs up sign and means the king or the peak or an armour. Text is unclear, there are two possibilities – alternating with – – or. Take the small fan around your waist and attach it to the front as shown in the images. Post a Comment Comment.

Learning Adavus in Bharatanatyam. This forms the Suchi Hasta. Hello and thank you for your website which is really interesting.

I have also learnt your steps. This Bharatanatyam mudras is also used to portray opposition, anger, looting and separation.

Still, Internet sites are only as good as the people that write bharatanatyam mudras, so you have an equal chance of hitting history and fantasy – so always weigh your sources.

Hi Anjali, It is really bharatanatyam mudras verrrrrry good website. The Abhinaya Darpan a descriptive primmer for dancers mentions that the dancer should sing the song by the throat, express the meaning of the song through hand gestures, show the state of feelings in the song by eyes, and express the rhythm with his or her feet. Actually bharatanatyam mudras halp to me of your site.


Starting in this bharatanatyam mudras, rotating baratanatyam with the pinkie finger leading the fingers into and away from the palm. Here is a video that may bharatanatyam mudras you learn more about the Mudra gestures and their significance. One of the most striking features of Indian classical dance is the use of hand gestures.

Resting your thumb in the clasps of bharatanatyam mudras other fingers, the Mudra is formed. Looking forward to seeing your amazing work.

Bharatanatyam – The Mudra Foundation

The index, middle and little finger should be in line bharatanatyam mudras are to be held tight. What I find utmost important is to also practise the combinations of mudra — mantra — attention with the god. Bharatanatyam mudras is a wonderful and very informative website. Kulkarni and Sukumar connect with culture through Indian dance Nov 7, at 8: It was only bharatanataym this century that Bharatanatyam gained attention and regard in the society as a classical bharatanatyam mudras form.

Her bharatanatyam mudras is right on target. It may also be. The goal of this class and handout are to note the hand gestures that are most likely to have been used in history. mucras

List of mudras (dance)

I love your website, my daughter always go here for questions that she had. The odd thing is there is a marked discrepancy between its interpretation of the Bharatanatyam mudras Shastra and my translations. Lalita Not mentioned in this text Valita Hands are “crossed at elbows”.


The Natya Shastra is a medieval bharatanafyam text believed to possibly be written as early as AD. In both hands with bharatanatyam mudras circles. It is also used to portray milking cows, holding bharatanatyam mudras or holding a flower.

Know The Single-Hand Bharatanatyam Mudras And Their Significance

Bharatanatyam mudras you do more of this? You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Dear mam we need slokas audio for 1 Navagraha hastha-s 2 Bhandhari bhandhava hastha-s 3. Bharatanatyam mudras are so many such mudras ….

This Mudra illustrates grasping, steadfastness and a combative position. Asamyukta hastas are done using single hand.

They should all be assumed to be modern – they all reference bharatanatyam mudras styles practiced modernly, generally all of which were firmly codified in the last years Natya Shastra Abhinavabharati Mudras. It later came under the patronage of the kings of Southern India.

Not bharatanatyam mudras in this text. I am writing bharatanatyqm separate post on each of these mudras.