Brain Wave [Poul Anderson, Tom Weiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For millions of years, the part of the galaxy containing our solar. So Brain Wave’s brevity can in all likelihood be attributed to editorial requirements of the time that shackled SF writers’ imaginations to guidelines dictated by the. (Richard Powers’ cover for the edition) /5 (Vaguely Good) I have long been a fan of Poul Anderson’s functionalist yet engaging SF.

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I am hardly the first reader to acknowledge that the book is a little on the short side, especially for a story so universal in scope and far reaching in consequence. When Earth moves out of the field, he becomes a genius by pre-Change standards. Andwrson humans develop interstellar travel, they discover no other races are as intelligent as they; other races developed pre-Change intelligence, and there was no environmental pressure to select for higher intelligence after that.

So ends my sorta rebuttal of Mr.

It dealt with some great questions like what really motivates people, are these changes for the best and where does authority stem. His favorite author these days is H. When the brainwabe get the ability to reason, they start escaping.

To read more about my privacy policy, click the MORE button. As Brain Wave begins Earth has finally begun to exit this field, and the world changes overnight. Even though she’s a brilliant female scientist, she doesn’t have the ahderson to demand better treatment from her potential lover.

Brainwsve just can’t see how any narrator could possibly communicate these parenthetical and italicized elements. Great concept, troubling conclusions. Two problems prevented this book from reaching its potential.

Brain Wave by Poul Anderson. Then, that he suddenly starts pulling esoteric knowledge puol out of the air. As for the audiobooks, since I have never listened to one, I will have to take your word on this, Kat.


The idea that intelligence always indicates the type braijwave job ones hold is simply not the case. He was, in fact, intrigued. As long as Earth was in this field, all conductors became more insulating. Still, this is a work that deserves to be read and I think is more than worth the ration of hours it will take to consume it. I like the experimentation, the excesses, the joie de vivre of so many of the young writers at least, young then who entered the fray and brought so much of the spirit of the Sixties to their work.

While this is not a post-apocalypse world it does have a similar feel to it, with government breaking down, people deserting their jobs, and pigs attacking people! It can be argued that Archie is equally unfit and unhappy, hence his decision to not follow the humans and remain on Anxerson among the former dumb animals.

The back cover teases us with a hypothetical statement: He also reuses characters. Brainwave Paperback in English. Perhaps I harped a bit too much on his 50s attitudes. Referring back to that aforementioned blurb again the “panoramic story” part refers to a multiple viewpoints structure which allows the author to create a detailed post-IQ boost world. Aug 19, Fantasy Literature added it. We have reviewed fantasy, science fiction and horror books, audiobooks, magazines, comics, and films.

Such a deceptively simple premise, it seems like anybody can write a story about this. For some individuals, this is liberating, albeit terrifying; some crack under the strain of such a jump.

If you continue on this site without clicking the button, I assume that you have read this and are happy to receive those cookies. So I found that in reading slower I spent more time thinking of the implications. One of the most emotionally devastating moments of ooul entire novel occurs when Archie is forced to kill one of the more intelligent sheep whom he has named and can identify based on their character brainwzve order to feed his friends during the winter… Final Thoughts There are multiple issues with the novel.


Archie Brock, one of the main characters in the story, is mentally disabled; when the earth moves out of the field he becomes a genius by pre-change standards.

Book Review: Brain Wave, Poul Anderson (magazine publication 1953)

Dec 19, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Suppose something happened brainwaev could change you into a genius overnight. However the real problem for me with older sci-fi is that they are so speculative. What else would go on? Throughout the rest of the story Archie has to watch out for the pigs and guard against them. A fascinating idea 3.

Brain Wave by Poul Anderson

Some reviewers complained that they would have liked the story to be longer so that it could more fully pou the worldbuildingbut I actually liked the length—short and sweet! It’s a bit rough to complain about a book from the 50’s feeling dated – nobody would expect authors to be able to future-proof their stories – but I feel safe in saying that there are some aspects to this story that the modern reader might find a bit annoying. Much of the rest of the book focuses on Corinth and how he and his coworkers struggle to find meaning in their lives and help rebuild society.

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Brain wave | Open Library

Poul Anderson is a smart writer, but the challenge of making a super genius sound smart is a challenge which thoroughly defeated him. Intelligence does not equal unhappiness. It irritates me equally when female authors treat male characters with similar disregard. And in a scene eerily reminiscent of Animal Farmthe pigs break out of their pen and organize themselves into an attack on the feed barn before escaping into the surrounding woods.