Implementation of the COTIF and European law that has an impact . COTIF UR CIM, Appendix B to. COTIF. General Terms and. The Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail is an intergovernmental COTIF was modified by a Protocol that was signed in Vilnius on 3 June These systems of law have been in existence for decades and are known as the CIV (for passengers) and CIM (for freight/goods) Uniform Rules. A /, 24 Aug , CIM list of railway lines (Article 24 ยง 2 of COTIF , published ), Circular A /, 03 Aug , CIM.

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– Legislation

For employees Norwegian website. To attain this objective, the Member States will adopt all measures necessary and coif in order that the international multilateral conventions and agreements in force to which they are contracting parties should be adapted, icm the extent that these conventions and agreements concern international cooperation in the railway field and attribute competences to other intergovernmental or non-governmental organisations which cut across the tasks attributed to the Organisation.

With regard to decisions, the French text shall prevail. Prior to the Vilnius Protocol, the principal objective of OTIF was to develop uniform systems of ctif which could apply to the carriage of passengers and freight in international rail traffic. The Committee shall take its decisions by the majority of the members represented at the time of vote.

Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) – The Faculty of Law

The Convention may be denounced at any time. When interpreting and applying the Convention, its character of international law and the necessity to promote uniformity shall be taken into account. When a dispute arises between a Member State and the Depositary about the performance of his functions, the Depositary or the Member State concerned must bring the question to the attention of cotiff other Member States or, if appropriate, submit it for resolution by the Administrative Committee.

The Secretary General shall give notice of them to the other Member States. Article 36 Ccim 1.

The headquarters of the Organisation shall be at Berne. Any Member State may declare, com any time, that it will not apply in their entirety certain Appendices to the Convention.

If he considers it appropriate, he may undertake an examination and detailed audit of any accounting record relating either to financial transactions or to supplies and equipment. The expenses of the Organisation, arising out of these functions, shall be met by the Member State concerned.


The work programme, budget and accounts of the Organisation shall cover a period of two calendar years. The Secretary General must, in particular: Article 33 Competence 1. Ciim Read Edit View history. The General Assembly may decide to establish temporarily other octif for specific tasks.

A panel of arbitrators shall ctif established and kept up to date by the Secretary General. The working languages of the Organisation shall be English, French and German. The value in Special Drawing Rights of the national currency of a Member State which is not a member of the International Monetary Fund shall be calculated by the method determined by that State.

Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail

The contributions of the Member States to the expenditure of the Organisation shall be due in the form of a treasury advance payable in two instalments at the latest by the 31 October of each of the two years covered by the budget.

The Organisation may, with the approval of the Administrative Committee, take on administrative functions related to its aim and which are entrusted to it by a Member State.

A Member State which has denounced the Convention may become a Member State again by accession, provided that it has paid the sums which it owes. The Administrative Committee shall determine the attributions of the Organisation concerning.

The Secretary General shall, without delay, give notice of it to the other Member States. The request must be lodged with the Secretary General at least three months before a session of the Committee.

The Depositary shall, without delay, notify the applicant State as well as the Member States accordingly. Article 41 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the termination of the accession. The Member States agree to adopt all appropriate measures in order to facilitate and accelerate international rail traffic.

However, maritime and inland waterway services shall count only in respect of one-half of the length of their routes. The Committees may appoint working groups to deal with specific questions.

In the case of objection by one-quarter of the Member States, the modification shall xotif enter into force. Webarchive template wayback links Articles lacking reliable references from July All articles lacking reliable references Articles needing cleanup from June All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged cktif without a reason field from June Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from June Articles containing French-language text.

It shall contribute to the expenditure of the Organisation with 0. The Arbitration Tribunal shall decide the procedure to be followed having regard in particular to the following provisions: Debts arising from a contract subject to the CUV Uniform Rules or the CUI Uniform Rules may only be attached under a judgment given by the judicial authority of the Member State which has jurisdiction over the undertaking entitled to payment of the debts sought to be attached.


If the agreement to refer to arbitration provides for three or five arbitrators, each party shall select one or two arbitrators as the case may be; these, by mutual agreement, shall appoint the third or fifth arbitrator, who shall be President of the Arbitration Tribunal.

Only the Auditor shall be competent to accept in whole or in part certificates and supporting documents furnished by the Secretary General. Article 37 Accession to the Convention 1.

The sole arbitrator, or the third or fifth arbitrator, must be of a nationality other than that of either party, unless both are of the same nationality. In case of divergence, the French text shall prevail. It shall in particular have the capacity to enter into contracts, to acquire and dispose of immovable and movable assets and to be a party to legal proceedings.

Sub navigation Services and tools Library Treaties The Member States agree to facilitate the conclusion of agreements between infrastructure managers intended to optimise international rail traffic. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

The Ccotif may, within the limits of its own responsibilities, instruct the Chairman to carry out certain specific tasks. To that end, each Member State undertakes, to the extent possible, to a.

The Organisation shall publish a management report at least every two years. Article 32 Limitation – enforcement 1.


The communications for which the Secretary General is responsible under the Convention may, if necessary, be made in the form of a publication in the Bulletin. The Convention shall be expressed in the English, French and German languages. The Secretary General shall notify all Member States of the inclusion or deletion of a line or a service. In the Member States which have formulated objections against a decision within the period allowed, the application of the Appendix in question shall be suspended, in its entirety, from the moment the decisions take effect, in so far as concerns traffic with and between those Member States.