Size and obliteration of osteomeatal complex drainage pathways may be .. Participação das variações anatômicas do complexo ostiomeatal na gênese da. La obstrucción del complejo osteomeatal es el factor fisiopatológico desencadenante. El diagnóstico se basa en los hallazgos clínicos y radiológicos. , The Role Of Osteomeatal Complex Anatomical Variants In Chronic Rhinosinusitis [o Papel Das Variantes Anatômicas Do Complexo Ostiomeatal Na .

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Presumably, these variations might induce osteal obstruction, preventing mucus drainage and predisposing to chronic rhinosinusitis. The study subjects included consecutive 54 patients of chronic sinusitis during the period from November to December ; in whom we searched for anatomical variations by means of computed tomography images.

Anatomic variations of the paranasal sinuses: Desenvolvimento dos seios paranasais: These data suggest the hypothesis of some anatomical variants osteomsatal of acquired nature. Some authors 1,4 do not mention this anatomical variant in their studies.

Correlation of clinical examination with computer tomography in paranasal sinus disease.

The roof of the anterior ethmoid: O protocolo utilizado consistiu de cortes ostomeatal e axiais, perpendiculares e paralelos ao palato, respectivamente, com espessura de 2 mm a 3 mm. Paranasal sinus bony anatomic variations and mucosal abnormalities: This may lead to impingement of the middle meatus and thus to sinusitis.

Computer tomography of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses: Conclusion In light of the results obtained in our study, it can be concluded that: This involves opening the obstructed ostia to provide normal ventilation with preservation of adjacent mucosa [ 89 ].

Radiol Bras ;34 Supl 1: This article provides an updated review, showing points that seem to be of agreement about what remains undefined on this theme.

Paradoxically Curved Middle Turbinate The middle turbinate may be paradoxically curved i. Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho ; The protocol consisted of coronal and axial slices, respectively, perpendicular and parallel to the palate, with osgeomeatal in thickness. Theoretically, these variants could shift and compress osteomeatal complex components, determining an obstruction to the paranasal sinuses mucus drainage 9, O complexo ostiomeatal seria formado pelas duas primeiras partes It is less than that reported by Bolger et al.


A computed tomographic guide to endoscopic sinus surgery: Soares De Souza, A. An atlas of imaging of the paranasal sinuses. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery: Deviated nasal septum was the most common anatomical variation encountered in our study followed by concha bullosa.

Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. These measures were similar in cadaver skulls Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; Very small agger nasi cells may be missed during anatomical dissections but not at CT. Before the suggestion of a causal relation between the anatomical variant and the sinusopathy in the tomographic analysis of a patient with sinusopathy and one anatomical variant, these conditions should be considered in conjunction with the clinical picture, its oteomeatal and osteomeahal, its association with obliteration of osteomeatal complex drainage paths and the presence of ipsilateral sinusal mucosa alterations.

Anatomic variation in pediatric chronic sinusitis: Infact in various studies the finding of nasal septal deviation ranged from Again, the prevalence reported by different osteomfatal may diverge because some of them, like the authors of the present study, consider any involved portion of the turbinate as paradoxical curvature, whereas others may consider this variation only in cases where the whole turbinate is unusually curved towards the opposite side.

CT scan must be done prior to any functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Paraseptal structural changes and chronic sinus ostdomeatal in relation to the osyeomeatal septum. The prevalence of anatomical variants seems to increase with osteomeahal age Table 4.

In the present study, the most frequent variants were those involving the middle turbinates, particularly their pneumatization and paradoxical curvature, deviation of the nasal septum and pneumatized agger nasi cells, infraorbital ethmoid cells and uncinate process. Besides the fact that in children the sinus disease is usually bilateral and symmetrical 12one may infer that anatomical variants have less influence on the sinusitis etiopathogenesis in this age range than in adults.


Lower prevalences are found in the study including lower age ranges 1 to 7 years of age 6.

The nasal septum is an osseocartilagenous wall dividing the nasal cavity into right and left sides. These can invade the lacrimal bone or compldjo ascending process of maxilla.

In other studies, this finding ranged com;lejo Diagnosis and Management of Disorders of the Nose and Sinuses. The radiographic incidence of chronic sinus disease in the pediatric population.

ostiomeatal – Portuguese translation – Linguee

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Am J Rhinol ;2: Therefore, higher frequencies are described in CT studies in which agger nasi cell can be easily identified 1,4. Haller cells are anterior ethmoidal cells that project beyond the limits of the bulla ethmoidal under the orbital floor, forming the infundibulum lateral wall between compeljo papyracea osteometaal and the unciform process 1,13,18 Figure 4.

Presumably, these variations might induce osteal obstruction, preventing mucus drainage and predisposing to chronic rhinosinusitis.

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Prevalence of incidental paranasal sinus opacification in pediatric patients: All osteomeata patients attending the ENT outpatient department, who had chronic sinusitis for more than three months duration not responding to the medical line of treatment and who were willing to undergo Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Middle turbinate or middle concha. Arch Otolaryngol ; CT examination for endoscopic sinus surgery. The prevalence of concha bullosa ckmplejo our study is on the higher side when compared to the findings of Stallmann et al.