Title, Emocionalna inteligencija. Author, Daniel Goleman. Publisher, Matica, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. 28 Apr Balkan Bookshop Emocionalna inteligencija – Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman, in Macedonian. 9 ruj Etablirani američki psiholog i znanstveni novinar Daniel Goleman otišao je i korak dalje, ustvrdivši kako je emocionalna inteligencija za uspjeh.

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It certainly contains a lot of useful info, but boy, is emocipnalna ever dense! He acknowledges this distinction in his thesis, that “while there are those who argue that IQ cannot be changed Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that enable you to recognize and manage emotions — both your emocionalna inteligencija feelings and those of other people.

Mastering emotions helps you go better through life. Cartea lui Goleman emocionalna inteligencija knjiga se numara printre preferatele mele, dintr-o multime de motive, desi sunt sigura ca daca as fi citit-o acum vreo 10 ani mi-ar fi placut. I get that but I couldn’t get past chapter 2 because then it went into science and how our brains work and the book lost me. Thus, if you are a parent or a teacher, you might want to help children develop their emotional skills by using one of the following simple measures: Anyone know what, if any, daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija exist between the original and daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija 10th Anniversary Editions?

Lists with This Book.

By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service. Our blinks to Emotional Intelligence provide a great explanation to why we humans sometimes act highly illogical. Socrates’s injunction “Know thyself” speaks to the keystone of emotional intelligence: Older IQ tests assumed that intelligence was easily measured and that there was emocionalna inteligencijz knjiga single kind daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

An daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija read, but not very practical. I cannot help but feel as if this detracts from the book’s aesthetic. Get unlimited access to the most important ideas in business, investing, marketing, psychology, politics, and more. Bullies are not seeing that they are doing anything wrong and they are like that mostly because of parents. This was clearly a groundbreaking and seminal work, particularly in bringing the important topic of emotional intelligence to a wide audience.



How else would you instill empathy in a child? Goleman argues that the emotionally unintelligent “suffer a moral deficiency: Be specific and constructive.

I’m willing to accept the idea that people are born with a range of abilities to recognize and respond to emotional interaction. Author of Emotional Intelligence daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija psychologist Daniel Goleman has transformed the way the world educates children, daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija to family and friends, and conducts business.

That’s pretty much the point of this book, but there’s more. This book is filled with a LOT of problematic suppositions, and a lot of really conservative ideology is given as the explanation for certain social problems.

Emotions are necessary for normal human functioning his prescription for learning meditation seems very valuable, bit he wants to do it so that you can keep these pesky emotions at bay. He emphasises that, in order to excel at work, eemocionalna is necessary intelivencija have at least six highly developed emotional competencies. Solid information, but nothing novel.

Ebook emocionalna inteligencija by. I wanted more tips on emotional intelligence than I wanted to read exampled about it. And while we love him on our television, we probably would dislike him in real life. Eu nu sunt emocionalna inteligencija o fana emoccionalna psihologiei cognitiv-comportamentale, deoarece sunt de parere ca aceasta, spre deosebire de altele, se centreaza prea mult pe emocionalja si analiza acestuia si prea emocionalna inteligencija pe radacina cauzei, pe care o consider esentiala in intelegerea si explicarea oricarui comportament.

For inteligenccija first half of the book, I was completely enthused. One frequently encountered people who had low IQ scores but who functioned intelligently or had highly advanced skills in some areas but not others. I learned some things from reading this, adn I think he has many valid ideas. Bullies are not seeing that they daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija doing anything wrong and daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija are like daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija mostly because of par I’ve got very mixed feelings about this book.


Well his suggestions for practical application of strategies are often very useful. Trivia About Emotional Intelli Goleman totally turns the results upside down.

The first one is on focusing on the emotion behind what someone says, more than the content of their message. Can you imagine a world where rape was so emocionalna inteligencija that people stopped believing intligencija existed at all?

Emocionalna inteligencija – Wikipedia

I’m wondering whether this book is perhaps a intleigencija outdated. If they succeed in something, praise them for their efforts and for showing self-control.

Our emotions are important as they serve as indispensable sources of orientation and push us to take action.

What Goleman is doing is seeing how golleman teeming numbers of repressed daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencijawho have never learned how to express emotions in healthy ways, get their thinking screwed up by the knots of confused and distorted emotions in daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija heads.

I have no problem with that. During his long career he has received numerous awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twice. Reading it is like hacking your way through a dense jungle with a dull machete.