This is a highly engrossing, inspirational and thought provoking book. This publication, by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, is an English translation of. Deivathinkural in simple English. Deivathin Kural Voice of God Vol 6. Shri Ra. Ganapathi has painstakingly covered the discourses and conversations of the Sri . A prayer to Deivathin Kural book or the words of Maha Periyava to thank her and so I am translating it in to English and presenting it to her.).

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Dheivathin Kural Digital Version – English & Tamil – Sage of Kanchi

His knowledge about various subjects was encyclopedic. Available Books for purchase.

Ideal gift for Shastiabdapoorthy. Printable version Dec 31, 9: Charukesi February 23, Free Books About Free. Ganapathi Sir, this would not have happened! Free Books About Free Download – ganapthy’s ‘ deivathin kural’ vol I am working with Sri Matam to update their site englsih The insightful quotes were compiled by several ardent devotees. Hopefully in another 1 month, rest of the volumes would be loaded. The former President R.


Deivathinkural in simple English

It presents the life and times of a ‘Saint extraordinary of 20th century’, through some rare pictures and some of his thought provoking views on several subjects. Deivathin kural english List of ebooks and manuels about Deivathin kural english.

Moments of a Lifetime presents a rare translatiob section of experiences presented by ambassadors, politicians, scientists, religious leaders, artists, transoation and so on. They thought of taking along Avaiyaar as well. Even the rationalist Anna had praised Ra.

Ganapathi had a sharp memory and was alert in his observation. Here are the instructions for ordering the books per the web site: Excellent gift for the self and others.

This is a speciality of Tamilnadu. If anyone is interested in doing this, I suggest all to wait till all contents are loaded on both these sites. Price of complete set of 7 volumes if ordered together Rs. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

It brings out rare insights and several little known facts about the Mahaswami’s keen interest in music and his depth of knowledge. Periyava would speak about one subject in one place and would leave it at that. Notational – Deivathin Kural, Vol. All trajslation volumes of Deivathin Kural have been translated into English and some other Indian languages.


But the pictures in Mahaswami Darshan present more than that. As you all are aware, the hard copy version is available in all bookstores. Ideal companion to be carried in brief cases.

Dheivathin Kural Digital Version – English & Tamil

Download – Deivathin kural ebook The kurla was to maintain the link. A must for students of music, music teachers, devotees who appreciate music and those devotees who revel in learning new things about the Mahaswami.

Then again he would pick up the thread and speak in detail about it in some other venue.