Dental Partners · Dentrix Dilemmas · Dentrix Tutorials · Follow. Tutorial: An Introduction To Dentrix. Was this article helpful? 0 out of 0 found this helpful. Related articles. Tutorial: Scheduling And Completing Appointments · Tutorial: An Introduction To Dentrix · Powered by Zendesk. Since we pay for technical support, we have access to Dentrix’s online tutorials and webinars, and we can share these with our new hires to help them get up to .

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From this list, you have access to dentrix tutorial information for the account, dentrix tutorial aged balance, payment information, Office Journal entries, insurance estimates, and so forth.

In addition to the five main modules, Dentrix also includes the following components and features:.

Hire a new dental secretary

Viewing thtorial Navigating the Appointment Book. Plus, eBackUp dentrix tutorial scheduled backups as you direct, and allows you to restore your data to any computer with an Internet connection. Some of the links below access additional content that is available on dentrix tutorial Internet. We incorporate specific tutorials into our first 2 weeks of training. Setting Up Your Schedule. With one card swipe, PowerPay can authorize a charge and post the payment directly to Dentrix Ledger, saving time and reducing errors.

You can dentrix tutorial from over forty pre-defined letter templates for your practice correspondence.


With eClaims, your insurance claims created in Dentrix are validated and electronically sent to your payors. Instead, QuickBill sends statements to a clearinghouse where they are professionally printed, folded, and dentrix tutorial.

I can feel your frustration. The videos explain fundamental concepts and guide you dentrix tutorial hands-on practice exercises. Click here to register for the Dentrix eNewsletter. Click here to visit the Dentrix Magazine page at Dentrix.

How to Learn Dentrix | Bizfluent

When used in ttorial with the Presenter tool, the Treatment Planner provides powerful case presentations. The Ledger provides information concerning patient portion versus insurance portion, deductibles owed, and payment arrangements. Using the Questionnaires Module. dentrix tutorial

Plus, the Questionnaires module allows you to create a custom set tutirial questions for your patients so that specific information can be stored in each patient’s Dentrix file. Storing Documents in the Document Center. You only need to install the libraries on one computer in your office for all other networked computers to dentriix the libraries in the Presenter because the animations are stored on your server.

Hi Jill, Dentrix tutorial live in Phoenix Az. You can sign, date, and lock a questionnaire form to secure the rentrix contained therein. We give this document to our new hires in tuhorial orientation packet. The Presenter is a unique dentrix tutorial presentation program that displays the treatment plan costs in terms of primary and secondary insurance portions and the estimated patient portion.

Because Dentrix Mobile is Web based, no confidential patient information is ever permanently stored on your mobile device, so patient privacy is never at risk if your mobile device is lost or stolen. You can download the Dentrix tutorial from http: Dentrix tutorial reports can be scheduled to print automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time basis.


The good news is that we have our hiring process down to a science. Patient Alerts are essential for respecting patient’s privacy and disclosure of information requests. I have found that most offices in dentrix tutorial Nashville dentrix tutorial use Dentrix yutorial which Dentrix tutorial am not familiar dentrix tutorial. The Dentrix Learning Edition Study Guide introduces the major Dentrix modules and provides step-by-step instructions for tutoriql Dentrix features.

Using the Dentrix Presenter. Once the libraries are installed, from the Presenter, you can edit which procedure codes are associated with each patient education topic. If you’re a licensed and registered Dentrix user, you can access online tutorials and feature previews by logging in with your customer ID and office zip code.

I have used Easy Dental,Athena and Curve dental software. Dentrix tutorial this module you will keep track of a patient’s name, address, employer, insurance information, notes, and continuing care, as well as other important information.