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DIN – This document has been replaced by:: DIN ISO , DIN ISO , DIN ISO Relationship to other . Buy DIN () Testing Of Plastics Films; Wettability Of Polyethylene And Polypropylene Films from SAI Global. Test inks are available, with different surface energies, to test the wettability of films to standards DIN [2] and ASTM Da [3]. Chemical embossing .

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For comparative studies DIN inks and the newly developed inks are applied to different plastics simultaneously. Another disadvantage of the ink no.

A drop of liquid with a defined surface tension is applied to the solid. Year of fee payment: Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that it comprises as a first component at least one polyglycol ethers, in particular dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether, and as a second component at least one pyrrolidone, in particular N-methyl-pyrrolidone.

The DIN inks have prevailed in practice. Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that a first component is a diglycol ether, a second component N-methyl 533644, a third component is glycerol and a fourth component is water. For this purpose, successively different test inks having a defined and rising gradation of the rin tension by means of a brush, or more rarely by means of a pin, thinly applied to the surface. Use of non-hazardous materials to prepare a test ink comprising at least two components of different surface tension, in particular for applying to workpieces to determine the surface properties thereof, in particular the substances mentioned in claims 4 to 14 are used.


It is chemically stable and does not react with itself or ddin water. Synthetic resin product containing guest material included in cyclodextrin and its production. Dij Tinten der Nr.

Tigres GmbH

The inks of the 533644. Since the rate of contraction is a predominantly dynamic property of materials will contract at a lower viscosity more quickly than those who have a greater viscosity. Series F is made up of water and table salt.

Kind code of ref document: The newly developed test inks show no change within the usual processing times of several months. Die Tinten der Nr.

Auch diese Tinten sind jedoch nach Gefahrstoffrecht kennzeichnungspflichtig. Test ink can be used for testing during processes as well as for incoming goods inspection and quality assurance purposes.

Surface tension

FG4D Free format text: For example, to adhere the surface with paint or adhesive, so to be able to wet permanently, the surface of the substrate chemically for example with primers or physically for example by gas flame is pretreated dun changing the surface energy of the substrate. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. The behaviour of the rim of the test inks brush stroke within the first two seconds after applying, determines the surface energy of the sample.

FR Ref legal event code: Because it is harmless and can be used on all substrates, this type of ink is becoming more and more common on the market. The degree to which the fluids are toxic is a factor of the methanol content. Country of ref document: SE Free format text: Aqueous impregnating resin bath dim production of impregnating resin film and laminates, contains melamine-formaldehyde resin, hardener and a quaternary ammonium compound with long-chain alkyl groups as fin agent.


Auch diese Tinten sind jedoch nach Gefahrstoffrecht kennzeichnungspflichtig.

Test Inks and Test Pens | For testing the surface tension

The speed of contraction is also determined in addition to the surface tension of the viscosity of the fluids. GB Ref legal event code: The test inks resulting from the claims are intended for application to a workpiece to determine its surface characteristics, in particular the surface tension 53346 surface energy of the respective substrate.

To determine the surface tension of a solid, the contact angle method is usually used. Application of an aqueous primer layer onto plastic surfaces, in particular of polyvinyl chloride based components such as extruded profiles, and bonding together the plastic substrates. Test ink Afor application to a work piece to determine its surface properties, in which the surface tension ST is adjusted by mixing at least two base components B having different values of ST, to provide a mixture with an intermediate value for ST.