Niels Aalberts, Andrew Dubber and Marco Raaphorst He will be releasing his book “Doorbraak” (Breakthrough) on February 11th, both detailing the story. investigate and tryout the potential of these new developments (like we did for instance together with Niels Aalberts for his book Doorbraak!. Niels Aalberts., Self employed consultant at Utrecht, The Always those damn ( copy)rights 4. Thank you.

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Pleasing a True Fan is pleasurable, and invigorating. It’s about non-linear communication, which actually looks quite similar to the communication processes in P2P-filesharing networks see image. Also, it tries to unite the fans and give them a purpose; a mission.

However, most importantly, for retention?

Soon enough, the party will be attracting people from all over the area, perhaps stopping by a shop to buy some drinks for their friends and making sure the party stays fun; the fun of the party depends on its own existence and therefore the party protects its continued existence.

With the phenomenon of word of mousestories spread faster and more easily than ever. It is about a genuine conversation between artist and ecosystem; not just about sending out your marketing message. It’s unsure why Facebook users claim to be less sensitive.

This sums up what the ecosystem is and how it basically works, but how does one maintain the ecosystem? We’re calling on the loyal and faithful to help. They will drive miles to see you sing. Het liedje In our Town is gratis te downloaden op hun site: South African rap act Die Antwoord is a perfect example of a group that absolutely mastered this first step of getting discovered.


EHPO – Lilia Scheerder

Thirdwhen this story starts spreading, that’s when you start building your ecosystem. Those are the ones that are willing to spend. Especially Montgomery Hughes, which can be characterized as a murder ballad of sorts, reflected that. Since 2AM doesn’t see itself as producing music for any specific niche, the goal for 2AM is to move up the long tail as far as possible. Played straight from the heart and full of energy and wit.

Perhaps the funniest way I found in which one band is getting their music discovered, is The Ugly Dance. They offer something fresh, in a remarkable way? All I know is that we are teetering on bankruptcy, and are seeking deals elsewhere The Gasoline Brothers zijn enthousiast. My conversation with Niels Aalberts, which revealed the model for categorizing the information in the solution section, aalgerts came down to the following:. You can download all the tracks for free.

They encouraged each other to buy more merchandise, replace old t-shirts or hoodies, buy an extra album doorbrak give to a friend and they came up with ideas to help out Simon Posford, Shpongle, and Twisted Music. Instead of connection, hiels could use the phrase ‘rapport,’ which is defined as a relationship of mutual trust or emotional affinity. The most profound result of this is that the business models originate from the ecosystem, by giving the people what they want.


doorbraak niels aalberts pdf free – PDF Files

In his first 1. The next section recaps the solutions to conclude and answers the research question of this thesis.

Which — of course — can be downloaded for free. Brian Wilco It’s here: In de video zijn ook enkele beroemde inwoners van Utrecht te herkennen: Check that outburst of guitar joy starting at 4.

doorbraak niels aalberts pdf free

What the above quote also shows, is that one-way communication 2AM to fan is old-fashioned and becoming increasingly ineffective. They will buy the super deluxe re-issued hi-res aqlberts set of your stuff even though they have the low-res version.

On the left, you can see a photograph of our newest fan! No street date yet, but we’ll keep you posted! People gave rather varied answers see above and it appears nils is not one general way in which people discover music online, perhaps that’s why people like Gerd Leonhard say that artists should publish as much as possible, in as many different places as possible.