Dragonborn (also known as Strixiki in Draconic; or Vayemniri, “Ash-Marked Ones “, in Tymantheran draconic) were a race of “The Ecology of the Dragonborn”. I found this PDF on Dragonborn ecology and was wondering, despite being dated from , if it’s still a good guide to how. The day after I think of this, an article on the history and ecology of dragonborn comes up, and the Emperor of Arkhosia is called the Golden.

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Ecology of the Dragonborn up. Last Jump to page: Results 81 to 90 of Originally Posted by Kamikaze Midget. I’m a little bored with the article.

Where’s the juicy conflict and delicious problems facing the dragonborn? Originally Posted by MR. That’s definitely something that is missing here.

It might be intentional – the conflict is not to be assumed between races, but between evil and good. But that might still be a flawed goal.


Before I was all “Shrug. Join Date Jun Posts The only way I got to see the Ashardalon article was through the direct link provided. Any chance of a direct link to the Dragonborn one?


Join Date Jul Posts 2. Bunch of marginal to flat out inappropriate stuff deleted by Moderator. The spirit of the game is to kill dragons, not be them. I mean, seriously folks, is this really where we want our beloved geek pasttime to go?

The Movie, Directed by Micheal Bay? Originally Posted by Klaus. dragonboorn

Arkhosia – 1d4chan

Well, ecologg are rubber-forehead samurai anyway. Join Date Jan Location where the shadows lie Posts 5, Originally Posted by Giskard Originally Posted by Dragonbait. From a real-world standpoint, it’s true. But by this hard-core biology there can be no humanoid race other than humans and anything that is clearly dragonbkrn primate. And it couldn’t be over a certain height and keep a very human appearance bone and muscle structure.

So no lizardfolk, centaurs, kobolds, giants, etc. And then the most agressive, prolific, and adaptable race would spread so fast and kill off most of the other erect primates.

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Question: Is the 4E Dragonborn Ecology info still relevant in 5E? (Official Wizards PDF) : DnD

The spirit of the game is whatever we wish. The spirit of my game is FUN.

If you’re having fun, who is anyone else to tell you you’re “doing it wrong? I guess, if you picture the dragonborn’s fight scenes in jerky, out-of-focus snippets.

Dang, so you’re sitting outside with some other players, the baby, and the bathwater? I figure your time would be better spent with a system you enjoy. Errors The following errors draonborn with your submission. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Saturday, 12th July, Friday, 11th July, Thursday, 10th July, Tuesday, 11th March, Tuesday, 24th July, Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Reset Fields Log in.