El creacionismo no es una escuela que yo haya querido imponer a alguien; el creacionismo es una teoría estética general que empecé a elaborar hacia , . Vicente García Huidobro Fernández was born to a distinguished Creacionismo was the apotheosis for Huidobro, a space where the poet. Keywords: Specific Literature, Chilean literature, Time Period, , Subject Author, Huidobro, Vicente (), Subject Work, En la luna, Literary.

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Inhe brought to Madrid a rough draft of the series of poems that would eventually become his masterpiece, Altazor. The poems thus find themselves in a unique position: There was a problem with your submission. In darkness we pass through parallel routes The moon is where you see it The tree is taller than the mountain But the mountain is so wide that it exceeds the extremes of the land The river runs but carries no fish Careful at play in the grass recently painted A song that drives sheep to the sheepfold.

He proposed that poetry should not be a commentary, something written about something else. He wrote for the Polish magazine “Nowa Sztuka”. Homenaje de los poetas chilenos” Mother Spain: That year Huidobro also began a friendship with the French poet Pierre Reverdy, who influenced the movement.

The same year, he published “Las pagodas ocultas”[5] and signed it for the first time as Vicente Huidobro. You cannot translate the music of words, the rhythms of the verses which vary from one language to another… Es autorizado a llevar uniforme norteamericano. He promoted the avant-garde literary movement in Chile and was the creator and greatest exponent of the literary movement called Creacionismo “Creationism”.


Huidobro, Vicente – Postcolonial Studies

Internet URLs are the best. In he was -arguably- kidnapped for this reason, disappearing for three days. Inhe returned to Chile to become a newspaper editor, during which time he also ran unsuccessfully for the presidency of Chile. Imprenta Pueyo, ; Poemas articos Madrid: Al silbar tu cabeza se desinfla o bien: Finding aid for the Vicente Huidobro papers at the Getty Research Institute, contains a listing of materials and biographical information.

Tribute of the Chilean poets. The Vicente Huidobro Foundation was created inin order to preserve the poet’s works. Sponsored by the Dept. The poet also claims that creationist poetry is by its own nature universal and universally translatable”since the new facts remain identical in all tongues”, while the other elements that prevail in non-creationist poetry, such as the rhyme and music of the words, vary among languages and cannot be easily translated, thus causing the poem to lose part of its essence.

Creationismthe belief that the universe and the various forms of life were created by God out of nothing ex nihilo. Universidad de Granada, Municipality of Santiago Prize “El poliedro y el mar”. The following year he suffered a stroke attributed to his war wounds, and died on 2 Januaryin his Cartagena house.

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For Huidobro, part of the inexpressible that the poet tries to express involves a secret relationship between words: The first meetings of the group took place in his home. Huidobro was born into a wealthy family from Santiago, Chile.

Huidobro went back to Chile inunder the pressure of the Great Depression. After turning to Surrealism in the s, he….


Todo lo que es original. A bomb was then set off outside his house, though Huidobro escaped unharmed. Dejemos de una vez por todas lo viejo Creationism is based on the idea of a poem as a truly new thing, created by the author for the sake of itself—that is, not to praise another thing, not to please the reader, not even to be understood by its own author.

His theory insists upon a non-mimetic poetry: Rather than imitating the objects of the natural world, Huidobro imagines the act of writing a poem as akin to an act of nature: He entered Berlin as a war correspondent with the Allies. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

Hoks is currently an editor and letterpress printer for Convulsive Editions, a micro-press that publishes chapbooks and broadsides.

That same year, Manuela published unedited texts and poems previously seen only in magazines. In Paris, he received a letter from his wife Ximena informing him of her wish for a divorce.

Glissant, Edouard November 4, Todo sigue en el hombre a esta ley de dualidad. Alfonso Reyes, Vicente Huidobro, Thank Huidobfo for Your Contribution! He started another newspaper, “La reforma” Reformin a symbolic gesture, young supporters of the progressive party declared him as their candidate for president.