PIPE- AND PLUMBER’S TOOLS. CHAIN PIPE CUTTER. < for cutting tubes from Ø 15 - 75 mm und 2,5 mm wall thickness. < easy adjustment during the. Elora - Quality Tools from Yew Aik (S) Pte Ltd. 01 - Storage Units and Tool Assortments · 02 - Spanners ans Wrenches · 03 - Sockets and Accessories. ELORA Tool Catalogue. VIEW CATALOG. ELORA Tool Catalog (Assortments and Storage Units) ELORA Tool Catalog (Spanners and Wrenches).

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Set of 8 precision flat head screwdrivers with these sizes: Elora Strap Wrench. Included in this set is a No.

Gruppenansicht Elora Shop

Overall length of frame is mm. Elora S 37 Socket, bi-hexagon for outside hexagon bolts. For hacksaw blades with mm 10″ and mm 12″ length. These are stubby sockets, overall length 25mm. Elora S14M Obstruction wrench set. With size 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm. Made with forged high grade tool steel. An XZN will measure 10mm etc. A good idea to keep one in your toolkit when taking a trip in your old Volkswagen Beetle. Jaws angled at With the following sizes: Set of 4 Phillips Head.


With size 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm. This is a set of 9 elora tools catalogue in a plastic storage box. This tool is only for tightening elora tools catalogue nuts to specifications. Popular size for many Mercedes-Benz models. Elora type metric elora tools catalogue hole punch pliers.

Elora LM 10mm is a T-shaped hexagon joint socket wrench for work in an engine compartment. Twisted Wire Cup Brush. Sold Out – No Longer Available. Elora M Metric Feeler Gauge, 21 blades. elora tools catalogue

This wrench is elora tools catalogue long and weighs g. Elora Tommy Bar 10mm diameter, mm long. The hammer head measures mm, round end is 30mm, oblong end is 25x5mm.

With tapered spring band steel blades. Tubular spark plug wrench. With hammer, pliers, etc.

Made with high grade tool steel C Elora LM 17mm is a T-shaped hexagon joint socket wrench for work in an engine compartment. They are very sharp points. Acoustic signal when reaching the set value. Chrome plated and polished. Elora tools catalogue tools for 10mm mm internal diameter.


Elora Body Spoon. Elora Tommy Bar 8mm diameter, mm long.

tooks Do not use brute elora tools catalogue Elora Bumping Hammer is made of elora tools catalogue steel, blue lacquered head with ground faces and high grade tool steel C 45 with ash handles. Please call or email us for a quote on any Elora hand tool.

With the Elora D tommy bar. Elora MB Adjustable Wrench for bolts and nuts with square or a hexagon pattern.

They are elora tools catalogue plated with I-beam construction. For Nuts up to 36mm. Elora SIN 19 Socket 19mm, overall length For Nuts up to 17mm. PH3 with a 13mm hex bolstera No. This is a spcecial application tool used to install lug nuts to torque specifications.