Gopal Sahastranaam, or offering of Light, in the Tantric tradition is a daily practice , an interface between man and Sahastranaam, is the divine Light. The thousand names of Sri Gopala, Lord Krishna. shri-gopäla-sahasra-näma- stotra-jape viniyogah. athavä om aim klim bijam. shrim hrim shaktih. provides services of Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi in pdf, Read Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi, Free Downlaod Gopal .

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I will tell this to you. Gopal sahasranam in plays a flute vamshi and vamsha-dhara. He is handsome sudarshana.

O great goddess, Bewildered with desire, the most beautiful girls in the three worlds voluntarily come and worship him. He should meditate on the Lord decorated with a garland of forest flowers.

He has conquered illusion and anger jita-krodha-moha. He knows everything sarva-jna. They should never be given to such persons. He is the supreme person purusha. Gopal sahasranam in this way one kills death. He is the greatest of kings purandara. The alternate bija-syllable is Om aim klim. He is Lord Nrisimha nrikesiri. He is Shiva rudra.


He is a rake bhramara. In this way He was born on the earth. A Vaishnava who regularly chants these names late at night finds that the goddess of fortune comes to his home from far away. He is victorious jayi. He is ferocious bhima. His eyes see everywhere sarva-locana.

With fragrant flowers, sandal paste, foods, and other offerings he should worship the book of these names. He becomes sahhasranam with gopal sahasranam in these sins. He was born in gopal sahasranam in forest vanaja. He is dressed like a cowherd boy gopa-vesha-dhara. He knows all the truths of religion sarva-dharma-jna.

Sri Gopala-sahasra-nama

He is passionate ranjaka, ranjana, ranga, and rangi. This is a great secret that brings the final goal of life.

O girl with the beautiful thighs, now I have spoken these very rare holy names gopal sahasranam in you. Over the private parts is chanted, “hrim shaktaye namah”. O gopal sahasranam in with the beautiful face, you have asked about the most secret of all secrets.

He is the banyan tree vata and the pippala tree pippalaka. If he is imprisoned, he becomes free from prison.

O Shiva, a great feeling of wonder and surprise is now born within me. He is the son of the cowherd Nanda.


Read / Download Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi

Please carefully keep them secret. He is the most subtle sukshma. His eyebrows are graceful su-bhru-yugala. The ih fools of this world have no devotion for Lord Vishnu. He is gopal sahasranam in sarva-gata.

He need not be afraid. He plays a flute vamshuli. Gopal sahasranam in glories to the crest jewel of cowherd boys, who has a musk tilaka-mark on His forehead, a Kaustubha jewel on His chest, a graceful pearl on the tip of Gopal sahasranam in nose, a flute in His hand, a bracelet on His wrist, graceful sandal paste on all His limbs, and a necklace of pearls on His neck, glpal who is surrounded by a host of gopis.

Therefore please keep this secret with great care.

He loves His devotees bhakta-tat-para. He is graceful like a lotus flower ambuja.