In Course Of True Love! [Sanjeev Ranjan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BOOKS. 30 Oct Some say all love stories are the same. A boy meets a girl and they fall in love eventually. But is that where the story ends? What about the. Sanjeev Ranjan is a final year engineering student at Sastra University. He had spent most of his about cars and novels. In course of true love is his debut novel.

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Reshma rated it liked it Sep 04, Incourse of True Love is a teenage romance tale of Aarush and Ashima who fall in love with each other at the age of sixteen. If so, then what about its journey.

In Course Of True Love!

Anirban Santra rated it did not like in course of true love by sanjeev ranjan Apr 02, There are no plot twists or any serious complications. Destined to be a true yet unusual emotional love saga of Aarush, a reticent boy, falls in love amid unfavorable situations, crunch moments, will make reader to think and leave them pondering — Does love happen at an age of sweet sixteen?

Aarush was never pampered by his parents and he never knew the feeling of love until he met Ashima. The sun weaved the ephemeral shades of pink and orange through the sky.

Or is it mere a passing infatuation? It was all about exaggerated kiddish romance.

In Course Of True Love! by Sanjeev Ranjan

Like the facebook page of this novel. Nov 14, Mugdha Mahajan rated it liked it.


In Course Of True Love! Sorry to say but it was the most horrendous love scene I have read in my entire life. Just a time Pass or a reason to live? Every teenager reading this book will understand what Aarush goes through when he feels his heart beat out of his chest for the first time he looks at the gorgeous Ashima.

Abhishek Keshri rated it liked it Jul 10, Review by Castle of Books. See All Goodreads In course of true love by sanjeev ranjan. Connect with Novel page: Well this was d crappiest thing I’ve ever read! Follow the author on Twitter. What if he who remained untouched from love so far sanjeev his life, will love be a time pass for him? Atul rated it really liked it Jan 12, The story is a love story as it is predictable with the name as well which goes smooth.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I wanted to catch everything in my eyes; lobe single sound in ears, and every feeling I wanted to feel. Teena Mokan rated it liked it Oct 06, Books by Sanjeev Ranjan.

I reached in time along with Manav. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Full review on anshuanand. Nov 16, AlphaGirl rated it it was ok Shelves: I too felt the warmth of her hand, the tenderness Dec 09, Anshu Anand rated it it was ok.

Aarush and Ashima who were still in their high school, fall in love with each other during their tutions. It may be a good entertainment for teenagers or for seasonal readers but for a vivid reader this book gives nothing. Or is it mere a passing infatuation?


Pratiksha Dubey rated it liked it Nov 06, All love stories cpurse same. If you are not particular about grammar and punctuation, then you might enjoy reading this as in course of true love by sanjeev ranjan writer has poured his heart out on every page of this book.

The initial nervousness, the hand quiver, the fumbling, the late night calls, the restlessness while waiting for a reply, the happiness on seeing a special name flash on your cell phone screen and the hunt for cheap mobile phone plans is something we all go through at that age.

Then follows a series of their endless glances, late night talks and secret meetings. Not one of the best romance novels but can be a quick read for the school going kids. Its good novel, but ya with lot of grammar in course of true love by sanjeev ranjan etc Distance is a dangerous thing.

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In course of true love – Sanjeev Ranjan, – Google Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. He thought her to be the best girlfriend and was truly madly deeply in love with her. What could love mean to anyone? The author just wanted to convey a story and it went on with every page of the book.

Back then, I used to enjoy reading short loce stories.