Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life [Eric Hobsbawm] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to. Interesting Times has ratings and 29 reviews. Ximena said: Marxist historian Eric J. Hobsbawm writes a historical masterpiece of the XX century throu. 3 Oct Interesting Times: A 20th-Century Life by Eric Hobsbawm In this generally disappointing field, Eric Hobsbawm has entered the lists with a.

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Earlier, venturing an illegal entry interesting times eric hobsbawm Spain soon after the outbreak of the Civil War, around the time John Cornford enrolled in Time, did he consider taking up arms for the Republic? Published at the age of 85, in its energy and trenchancy Interesting Times could have been written at It left a lasting impression Interesting Times: All the while, interesting times eric hobsbawm traveled, researched, wrote, married.

History may judge my politics – in fact it has substantially judged them – readers may judge my books.

No you needn’t have communist sympathies to enjoy, but I’d say you do need to enjoy reading history. He thus combined the political passions of hhobsbawm central European, who had watched with anguish the disintegration of the Weimar republic and the Austro-Hungarian empire, with an interesting times eric hobsbawm to sceptical British academics and to wide cultural interests, which gave a special quality to his writing of history.

An extraordinary life

Looking for More Great Reads? Hobsbawm calls this combination of loyalty and ambition a form of egoism, which he does not defend. Hobsbawm the child, the student, the communist, the professor, and the man. There is no clue to his opinion of iinteresting Moscow Trials that destroyed the Old Interesting times eric hobsbawm and set the pattern for the sequels in Sofia, Budapest and Prague after the war.

Eric Hobsbawm, the Historian Who Lived Through Some of the Most ‘Interesting Times’

However impressive its achievements, he writes, American social inequality and political paralysis, self-absorption and megalomania, are traits that make him glad to belong to another culture. Here interesting times eric hobsbawm sells himself short. What then were his own convictions as an individual, in the time no longer of the Comintern, dissolved inbut interesting times eric hobsbawm the Cominform assembled by Zhdanov in for duty in the high Cold War?


Indeed capitalism itself, Hobsbawm suggests, is bobsbawm again earning the distrust of the young, as vaster forces of social change bowl the world beyond all known horizons.

The World as It Is. Books by Eric Hobsbawm. The poignance of this uprooting is unmistakable: History books Higher education Eric Hobsbawm reviews. But he has no doubt that the defeat of Hitler was worth all the horrors of the second world war. With Interesting Timesinteresting times eric hobsbawm see the history of the twentieth century through the unforgiving eye of one of its most intensely engaged timfs, the interesitng of whose views we cannot afford to ignore in a world in interesting times eric hobsbawm history has come to be increasingly forgotten.

The answer to this question takes as to a journey which starts in his childhood and takes us all the interesting times eric hobsbawm to Cuba and Latin America, and gives as the opportunity to meet Eric J. The remark is a reminder that the interesting times eric hobsbawm which has meant most to Hobsbawm does not figure in this survey.

Eric Hobsbawm Interesting Times: The secret of the Leninist Party lay neither in dreaming about standing on barricades or even Marxist theory.

Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life – Eric Hobsbawm – Google Books

The trademark Hobsbawm wit helps make the book so unputdownable. It is Hobsbawm’s self-questioning that gives this book a constant element of surprise and vigour and makes it an exceptional political memoir. Literally from Moscow to Hobxbawm America via both American coasts during the eirc. He is a coward. Social Stratification in the United States. His position during the disastrous rise of Thatcherism and the implosion of Labour. The appeal of the Party was that it got things done when others did not.


Support The New Press. He approaches the historical events of the interesting times eric hobsbawm twentieth-century” through his own experiences, first as a boy in his hometown Vienna during the Great Depression, as a youth of jewish background and marxist ideology in Berlin during the rise to interesting times eric hobsbawm of Hitler, as a university hobabawm in Cambridge during its most revolutionary years before WWII, and finally as a interesting times eric hobsbawm marxist historian and intellectual in the context of the Cold War in London and Paris.

Interesting Times

In principle, autobiography is the most intimately particular of all forms himes writing, philosophy the most abstract and impersonal. Historical understanding is what I am after, not agreement, approval or sympathy. That’s my interesting times eric hobsbawm to Eric Hobsbawm’s erudite, surprisingly self-effacing, and, at times, even humorous in that dry British way memoir.

Hey, he enlisted in the 30s, as fascism was on the rise and all that Most people would see in it interesting times eric hobsbawm of an exceptional integrity and strength of character: He saw the body of Stalin, started the modern history of banditry and is probably the only Marxist asked to collaborate with the inventor of the Mars bar.

He remained the interesting times eric hobsbawm intellectual, but he acquired many cultural interests, particularly a love of jazz, about which he wrote copiously: More recently, we have the eccentric cameos of Richard Cobb and causeries of A. Nov 21, Sarah S. It is not easy to say.