The Puppy Love Series by Jeff Erno, published by Fanny Press. Titles include Puppy Love, Puppy Love 2: Building a Family, and Puppy Love 3: Reawakening. The complete series list for – Puppy Love Jeff Erno. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. I had a strange fascination with the first book in the Puppy Love series even if I found some of its part a bit too much strong for me (all the.

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I am fascinated by the evolving relationship between Matt and Petey.

Puppy Love

He cries when he’s happy, sad, confused or being punished. Matt always makes a big deal about respect and politeness. This book Let me first start by saying that I picked this book because I was told there was puppy play in it I know this time that it’s just me. To be honest I agreed with Cameron when he said that if Matt really loved Petey then he would want to be exclusive, and on a number of occasions I wanted Petey to break it off with Matt because of the infidelity.

I was also not a fan of their relationship dynamic Petey being so convinced of Matt’s utter superiority and his own general crappiness but I think this stems from them being too young. Puppy Love is their love story, their romance.


Jeff Erno: Puppy Love

The story is in first person ernp therefore we are allowed to experience what Petey experiences. So I suspen I’m not sure where to start. At these times, I was thoroughly engrossed in the story and became very stressed, or emotional about what was happening to Petey.

Overall rating No ratings yet 0. Just not my cup of tea—he sounded like a little boy! What caused me to give this story just two stars?

Now onto the negatives: Petey had a problem with other women, but he never really talked to Matt about it. I’ll take a pass on the sequel. All my GR friends say it gets better. I just found out that the story was originally released a chapter at a time, so the repetition was to help keep the reader up to speed with the story during its original release schedule.

Puppy Love (Puppy Love, #1) by Jeff Erno

Jun 12, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can only take so much internal monologue of self-deprecation, low self-esteem, and hero-worship, and this story crossed the threshold within the first couple of chapters. May 11, MLE rated it did not like it Shelves: The blurb really annoys me. There is Petey’s friend, Drew, another sub who acts as a guide and support for Petey.


Just the thought makes me queasy. This is one of those books that you either love or hate and the line between the two is very, very thin. His sister is so concerned for him and super nice, and Petey smacks her in the face at every turn.

Power is distributed only to those who are “superior. But here, I adored Matt’s sister, and in many ways totally support her disapproval of Matt.

I’ve read the other reviews here and it’s clear that there are people who are into this type of mistreatment of other humans. But no, Petey loves Matt unequivocally, how can he doubt someone pkppy to love him?

He seemed arrogant, yes, but also charismatic and funny and handsome. Still, even though I really didn’t go beyond “okay” with this one, I’ll probably go ahead and read the next one.

He has no safe word. It inspired me to go out and say: Even in BDSM lifestyle.