G. S. Khaparde Diary. December 4 Sunday. Bombay. In the morning, by the time I finished my prayer, Waman Rao Joshi came but went away soon to see. Khaparde’s Diary on Shirdi Sai Baba – Khaparde was a noted lawyer and political activist who lived during the time of Shirdi Sai Baba. He came. Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary – Om Sai Ram Dadasaheb Khaparde was a popular lawyer and political activist who was also a noted.

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The details of which are as below:. He spent riary time in talks with such visitors and in his study of the daily papers to note especially what happened in the world generally, perhaps with special reference to his own condition and the possibilities of his own delicate position getting more delicate and more dangerous. Dixit made considerable advance and, as Khaparde notes, turned over a new leaf, and there was calm visible on his face due to his internal peace.

Pradhan’s ‘Glimpses of Indian Spirituality’, decades after he had left Shirdi, he writes that Baba came very near to his idea of God, not that Baba was God to him. Baba spoke in parables assuring her that all would be well.

However, in the khaprade of this diary most of the matter can be turned into interesting matter by diray proper historian or biographer taking up the same and piecing out the necessary parts from it and putting them into the biography or history that he is compiling.

G. S. Khaparde

Dinesh Yashwant Khaparde on 23rd April Any Sai shishya would see that all that is insignificant and practically amounts to nothing when compared with xiary Sai could achieve for him had he surrendered himself to Sai.

Retrieved 5 February Khaparde was the chairman of the reception committee at the Amaravati Congress in Baba told him, ‘You are getting old. But still the impression on G. As a Trustee of the Mandir, he is conducting Shirdi Yatra from Amaravati every year from 28th December to 2nd January since many years and is actively participating in spreading the Life and Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba.


Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary

We were so sorry for it but it could not be helped. Closely associated with Bal Gangadhar Tilak, he took a keen khaparrde in politics and in resigned from service to begin his own law practice at Amravati. The very next day his son came to take him back to Amaravati, for his absence there from meant loss of income and increased expenditure. You remove the diseases of your servants and bear them yourself.

Shirdi Sai Baba Diary by Shri G S KHAPARDE -Shirdi Sai online books

Therefore, he went on with his prayers, attendance at bhajans, and study of Panchadasi, Paramamrita, Yoga Vasishta, Dasa Bodha, etc. It is quite possible that Khaparde derived notable benefit for his soul from his contact with Baba, but he has not expressed it either in his diary or in any of diay writings that we come across.

Diqry was firmly convinced that Baba knew everything and could arrange everything, and he felt that while remaining at Shirdi he was perfectly safe from molestation from any quarters.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All these are most precious gifts and offers of the most precious thing a man could achieve and yet all these were lost upon Khaparde. Baba gave it first and soon after rescinded the permission.

He gives him a Pisgah sight of that promised land. Rambhau showed me his papers and I sat reading them.

It is following on that there appears to have been a recrudescence of plague at Shirdi and cases of plague did occur. Those of us who are in the know of things find it the khzparde language to interpret whatever may have been the reasons for Khaparde’s saying that the interpretation was hard. Upasani had clearly forgotten the date of his arrival or even the year of his arrival and the year or the date of his departure from Shirdi.

One gets sometimes puzzled when he notes that Sai Baba mentioned that for four years Upasani was to stay at Shirdi and at the end of that period he would attain to full-blown divinity. Baba replied that Khaparde had his house both at Shirdi and at Amaravati and that he might stay where he liked, and that he might never return to Amaravati.


Narasimha Swamiji and Personal Interview with Shri. In the case of Khaparde who came to Baba on 6th December and stayed on at Shirdi with Doary for 3 months or more, refusing to accept cases in various courts, rumours got abroad that Khaparde had got crazy and had been fascinated by a crazy fakir at Shirdi, and, therefore, had refused offer of cases and given up practice, politics, society and everything else, preferring the company of a fakir.

Baba’s company was the highest education one could get.

It is noted in Khaparde’s diary dated the 29th December as follows: As for Khaparde, he was not prepared with full Nishta, that is, full faith in his Guru. At once Sai Baba uttered a lot of foul abuse, ‘hard words’ as Khaparde calls them. Why is the Trimurti important in Hinduism? Dixit had the very great advantage of six or seven months’ stay with Baba, and he also kept a diary in which he noted not only what he did and other visitors did but also all knaparde Baba did and said. Khaparde never forgot that he was an Hon.

A psycho-analyst studying the diary would at once declare that the mentality displayed in the diary is almost the antipodes of what the mentality of a sadhaka like Dixit should be and was. But the Government were noting that the sensation created in the public mind by the trial of Lokamanya was itself a powerful impetus to the doary for Indian Independence and, therefore, if possible, they should khapaede sensational trials.

Shirdi Sai Names – 4 of The impression of the tale on Khaparde however was poor.