() $ (continued on back flap) The Leyden Papyrus The Leyden Papyrus AN EGYPTIAN MAGICAL BOOK EDITED BY F. LI. GRIFFITH AND. F. Ll. Griffith & Herbert Thompson The Leyden Papyrus (An Egyptian Magical Book) Dover Publications Inc. Acrobat 7 Pdf Mb. A page from the Leyden Papyrus X. (facing page 17). A page from the Stockholm Papyrus. (facing page 47). Four plates illustrating ancient Egyptian preparative.

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You say to the boy ‘ Speak to Anubis, saying 24 “Go forth, bring in the gods. Formula to inflict catalepsy and death.

Leyden Papyrus X

The Coloration of Gold. But I have done it, [enduring? Having heated it with alum and natron, melt. The meaning is very uncertain.

After having dried the gold leaves, grind with gum and write.

The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden

Does this mean lwyden for several days ‘ or ‘ after several days ‘? Petrie was dis- posed to date to a. Styrax, 16 it grows like slom l 17 as to its leaf; its seed is twisted 18 like the ‘ram’s horn’ plant, it bearing 19 a small spine at its end.

It seems to mean ‘ darting forward for attack. In this papyrus this word is often used in such a way as to suggest the meaning ‘ answer ‘ rather than ‘ inquire. The verso columns I and II are on the back of this Col. For augmenting the weight of gold. VI 55 19 come unto me, Nut, mother of water, come Apet, mother of fire, come unto me Yaho. Pisreithi bisSreithi bisAbrithi is thy name, by thy correct name. When the four days have passed, and it is dry, 15 you take it before you lit your feetthere being a cloth spread under it.


Take soft tin in small pieces, purified four times; take 4 parts of it and 3 parts of pure white copper and 1 part of asem. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The following is the cm-oXtOTis of the Gk. IV 39 29 If you wish to bring in a thief, you put crocus powder with alum on the brazier. O true oil, O drop of 1. Of these Darius is doubtless the name to be restored here; cf. The meaning ‘ drawl’ is not quite certain.

Incredibly beautiful geometric designs: Taken by great 19th century photographer. I am Horus Sharon? Divination by vessel with medium, for seeing the bark of Ra. II and III and cols. Lefebure, ‘ Le vase divinatoire,’ in Sphinx,VI.

Shop, Shope, Shop, Abraham, the apple? Note the fern, gender, which apparently distinguishes it COL.

With the construction compare 1. The translation may be ‘ and do thou [pray to] the great god Anubis. The notes to the foregoing in A. Manufacture of Egyptian Asem. The correction of ne to I in both passages would therefore be particularly remarkable. The fury 10 of Yaho, Sabaho, Horyo.


The land of Hah Millions is not known. To separate a man from a woman.

Quick bishasten bis ‘ Col. He may well have been one and the same. An accurate transcription of the magic names is given in the transliteration ; in the translation we have rendered the sound approximately without strict adherence to any one system, generally following the glosses where they exist, as it was thought that this would be the most useful course for such readers as are not Egyptian leydden. Hall, of the British Museum. Open to me bis. If thou wilt not do it, I will not give thee oil.

I form a single column, and the same is the case with Leemans cols. You make him sit on a new [brick] and you also sit 16 on another brick, you being at?