Sheet Music – £ – Universal edition number: UE Documents Similar To Atmospheres – Gyorgy Ligeti – Ramifications ( Excerpt).pdf. Uploaded by. Hyeronimus Bosch. Grisey Partiels Master Score. – Atmospheres score – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Full score.

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Hardly audible as a canon, by virtue of its general pppp dynamic level as well as its density, the passage achieves the global effect of a cluster being gradually compressed from three-and-a-half octaves to the space of a minor third.

A Space Odyssey—Original Soundtrack. In reply to One can easily learn about by stevebob.

Atmosphères (Orchestra) (Study Score)

Retrieved December 20, I have read the data protection statement and agree to its validity. Modern Music and After. The piece evokes a sense of timelessness in which the listener is lost in a web of texture and tonality. There is absolutely no discernible melody, harmony is reduced to the ligrti of saturated chromatic clusters, and pulse — or any sense of normal rhythmical articulation — is entirely absent. The contrast between these two pieces—the Ligeti a study in motionlessness, the Stravinsky a convulsive eruption of movement—was only enhanced by Jurowski’s device, making one listen with refreshed ears.


Atmospheres exemplifies much of Ligeti’s theory suspending harmony in favor of sustained sounds.

György Ligeti, Atmosphères — American Symphony Orchestra

Ligeti’s homepage also gives the instrumentation. This dense sound-fog became known as the signature Ligeti style”. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Greenwood Publishing Group, Sign up for our newsletter! Do you still have an unanswered question?

The popular music edition All Music Guide describes the piece as having clusters of notes from which sections fall out, leaving “masses of natural notes”. That button disappears as soon as someone replies.

I need the score to write the music!!! The piece heavily utilizes tone clusters of notes meaning several adjacent notes on a scale are played in which generally no two instruments ever play the same note. Elsewhere in the work, and more usually, Ligeti achieves the sense of one uninterrupted sound mass by having his textures overlap with no clear divisions—entries are often to be imperceptible and extinctions gradual—or else by having one texture emerge out of another.

Instead the listener is confronted with a slow-motion succession of textures, one oozing into the other, where the instrumental sonority ahmospheres to have more in common with the dissolves and hums of electronic music than that of a normal symphony orchestra.

Atmosphères – Wikipedia

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Also important to continuity is the lack of percussion instruments, except for a piano whose strings are brushed at the end. Edward Seckerson of UK’s The Independent also described this segue as a “startling coup” [30] while Richard Morrison of the daily edition of The Times noted that “Jurowski even kept a beat going, to fool us Here’s one handy resource: Archived from the original on July 18, Large portions of the piece consist of extremely dense counterpointwith up to 56 voices each string instrument has his or her own individual part to play.

Whatever one thinks of them, they’re an important part of the world in which we live – and the work in question is, without question, under copyright in the U. Retrieved 18 November A Space Odyssey because its quality of mystery was a good sonic realization of his vision.

Here’s one handy resource:. Contemporary Music Edition info: