9 Nov Here we have provided ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements Important Questions Nov Dec here ME expected. ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements – Download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EMM. ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements May June Question Paper ANNA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.

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What are the methods used for evaluating the surface finish? Flatness of machine tables and slide ways.

ME2304 Engineering Metrology and Measurements MJ2014 Question Paper

When thermocouples are connected in series it is called thermopile. What are the commonly used forms of gear teeth?

Write the advantages of machine vision system. Anna Me2304 engineering metrology and measurements Department of Meaasurements Engineering B. Name four gear errors. Give the formula for measuring radius of circle. What is Range of measurement?: List the various geometrical metroloyy made on machine tools.

Laser equipment produces real straight line, whereas an alignment telescope provides a, imaginary line that cannot be seen in space. What is the need of inspection? Define over damped and under damped system Over damped – The final metrollgy of measurement ii approached exponentially from one side. Newer Post Older Post Home. The ability of the measuring instrument to me2304 engineering metrology and measurements the same results g the act measurements for the same quantity is known as atability.


It generates statistics for average roughness, average profile height, reduced peak height, cares roughness depth, reduced valley depth and a number of other parameters.

Apparent absolute error The approximate required dimension is done by a final grinding process. Measurement of plane and spatial curves 2.

Describe the features of a flexible inspection system. Parallelism, equidistance and alignment of the me2304 engineering metrology and measurements ways. What me2304 engineering metrology and measurements the major types of on electrical comparator? The method of magnifying small movement of the indicator in all mechanical comparators are effected by means of levers, gear trains or a combination of these elements. Public health and human safety ensuring.

The distance between two crust or two rough is called the wavelength A Instrument have a scale reading of 0. Test for true running of the main spindle and its axialmovements. The sequence of triggered identical photon from stimulated at In is known as stimulated emission.

In electronic comparator, transducer induction or the principle of application of frequency modulation or radio oscillation is followed. Deflne system error metrolkgy correction. Instruments for surface finish. Name the method used for checking the pitch of the gear.


Me2304 engineering metrology and measurements the laser is used in alignment testing? It also determines the depth, spacing and angle of groove in a hared surface optical probe of a cylinder bore can be rotated degrees and moved vertically along the cylinder wall.

Write some features of CMM software. A line is said to be straight over a given length, of the variation of the distance of its points from two planes perpendicular to each other and parallel to the direction of a line remaining within the specified tolerance limits.

ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

Here, the sensitivity of the instrument is 0. The minimum value of the input signal is required to cause an appreciable change in the output known as resolution. Static errors – Reading errors – Characteristic errors, – Environmental errors 2. True size is Theoretical size of a dimension Name the various types of pitch errors found in screw?