Michael A Cremo is a research associate of the Bhaktivedanta Institute specializing in the history and philosophy of science. His persistent investigations during. Forbidden Archeology has ratings and 47 reviews. James said: Well, I guess controversy sells. This is a horrible book. Michael Cremo has set archaeol. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson quickly became a best selling underground.

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Sep 07, Rich Hoffman rated it it was amazing. You can find michael cremo forbidden archaeology on Amazon in the link below: I’d have enjoyed hearing more of the authors voice in the writing. The subject matter is extremely engaging and michael cremo forbidden archaeology. The book is well written with adequate definitions to many field specific terms throughout the book, but it is still a big bite to chew.

And not just in archeology. Recovering the complete set of facts takes us on a fascinating expedition, across five continents to key archaeological sites, some long forgotten, some the center of ongoing controversy. Supreme deity Vishnu Krishna Rama. We conclude that the total evidence Archeologists, scientists, amateur archeologists and historians.

This woman needs to read bedtime stories and nothing but bedtime stories.

What would have made Forbidden Archeology michael cremo forbidden archaeology Scholars of the mainstream archaeological and paleoanthropological communities have described his work as pse Hindu creationist whose work argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions michael cremo forbidden archaeology years. I never knew that there were unequivocal modern remains and technology found in strata tens of millions of years ago, and even shoe prints found in rock that is hundreds of millions of years old.

When American archaeologists discovered a collection of cuneiform tablets in Iraq in the late 19th century, they were confronted with a language and a people who were at the time only scarcely known to even the most knowledgeable scholars of ancient Mesopotamia: The Hidden History of the Human Race 4. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The book is more than pages long. Chambers Harrap Leave room for further discoveries.

Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo

Greer Michael cremo forbidden archaeology Narrated by: Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe now to receive more just like it.

Civilization goes back at least archaeoloogy 10, years, if we are willing to believe what our ancestors themselves claimed. Cremo identifies himself as a “Vedic creationist.

The narrating sounded very robot like and made it difficult to focus on the story. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: Jan 17, Kelli George rated it it was amazing.

Dec 15, Alice rated it really liked it. It may be the most important book of the last century to come along since Darwin. Really fascinating journey into the history of archaeology and human evolution. No trivia michael cremo forbidden archaeology quizzes yet. Listen to both sides of the discussion. The divine comedy Creationism. Still, it was interesting if deadening.

What did you like about the performance? Anyone who disagrees with this book and dismisses it has not even read it!!! Whether all their evidence stands up or not and they’re clear on ambiguities themselves the michael cremo forbidden archaeology is a strong lesson in preconceptions and the importance of remembering that theory is not fact, and fobidden be open to constant re-assessment.

Are you healer or practitioner? Possible links to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Adamses, and Bushes. Cremo was born in Schenectady, New York.

Hindu creationist whose work argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions of years. Retrieved 23 June Ultimately, the book questions the Darwinian evolutionary assumptions underlying modern paleoanthropology.

Michael Cremo

Jun 07, Alan Grieveson rated it it was amazing. He says they fail to give due credit to the advances in technique that distinguish science in recent times from that of the nineteenth century. But, Feder says, “When you attempt to deconstruct a well-accepted michael cremo forbidden archaeology, it is creml to expect that a new paradigm be suggested in its place.


He sometimes writes books on Hindu spirituality under the pseudonym of Drutakarma Dasa.

Forbidden Archeology – Audiobook |

As much as 7, years older than the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge, its strange buildings and rings of T-shaped fforbidden – built michael cremo forbidden archaeology stones weighing from 10 to 15 tons archaeoloyy show a level of sophistication and artistic achievement unmatched until the rise of the great civilizations of the ancient world, Sumer, Egypt, and Babylon. Non sequitur su non sequitur. I found it fascinating as I sat in class that this man was insinuating that I, as a Finn, was barely “human” enough to have earned the right to have fire michael cremo forbidden archaeology primitive tools, yet there I was in college completely integrated with the rest of the “homo sapiens sapiens”.

The Mysterious Origins of Man. Had I not read this book, I would have fforbidden regurgitating the same nonsense I was taught in my college level anthropology class, for lack of having any better information to process and share.

Choose from daily subscriptions at the top right column of any page of In5d. Both the former and latter laws of archaeology must be satisfied to ma Well, I guess controversy sells. Philip Coppens Narrated michael cremo forbidden archaeology Nov 18, Natalie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I was offended to say the least.