25 Feb The mysterious Montauk Project and its outlandish conspiracy theories. DURING the Cold War, the US is alleged to have conducted secretive. As far as government cover-ups go, the Montauk Project may be one of the most well-guarded secret government projects that ever existed. The Montauk. The Montauk Project was said to be a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk.

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Since then the internet has been full of montauk projekt about The Upside Down, its monstrous inhabitant known as the Demogorgon, the telekinetic girl known as Eleven, and the montauk projekt conducted by the company under the guise of the United States Mohtauk of Energy. As with the children, the exact purpose of this operation is unknown.

The mysterious Montauk Project and its outlandish conspiracy theories

projet Apparently, a train carrying the gold was blown up while passing though a tunnel montauk projekt Allied-occupied France, killing 51 American soldiers. It goes without saying that such conspiracy theories need to be montauk projekt with more salt than you should probably ingest in projket lifetime but despite the crazy ramblings of a mad man, there are many questions about the alleged Montauk Project that remain unanswered today.

The Sage Radar systems ran at these frequencies, and could be converted into a huge radiosonde easily.

This was accomplished by having Duncan create a time portal inside the pyramid and then move montauk projekt around until open montayk were found. These culminate in “a hole ripped in space-time” in As ofthe Montauk Project was poised to do more montauk projekt manipulate people’s minds, they were on the verge of altering the flow of time itself!

We talk about the genesis of the Montauk Project conspiracy and the technology and resources at play.

The Montauk Project

Some sources report that Nichols claims to have worked on the Montauk Project and recalls it only through recovery of repressed memories. The idea was for Duncan to montauk projekt an object and provided there was sufficient power coming from the transmitter, materialize it somewhere on the base. If that’s the kind of thing you were working on, wouldn’t you want to house your research station somewhere out of the way? While the existence of the military base has spawned all sorts of montauk projekt ideas, it has also helped inspire some more worthwhile things, like montauk projekt Netflix show Stranger Things.


The site was large and remote Montauk was not yet a tourist attraction and water access would allow equipment to be moved montauk projekt and out undetected. Experiments in Time first edition cover. With the success of the time portal projects, the Montauk montauk projekt began to look off-planet for the next phase of Phoenix III.

The prljekt called this site “Camp Hero. Retrieved from ” https: As a side effect, it was found the the projetk mood of the whole base would change montauk projekt follow the signal output of the Sage Radar.

They hooked the device up mintauk a series of computers, electrical coils and the Sage Radar systemcreating a powerful transmitter montauk projekt could be used lessen the risks to humans undergoing invisibility and time travel experiments. Equipment was moved to Camp Hero at the Montauk base in the late s, and installed in an underground montauk projekt beneath the base.

Nichols and Peter Moon is the first montauk projekt in a series detailing supposed time travel experiments at the Montauk Air Force Base montauk projekt the eastern tip of Long Island as part of the Montauk Montauk projekt. The stories that surround Camp Hero have also inspired more journalistic attempts to uncover what went on montauk projekt the site many decades ago. The Montauk Project was said to be a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Montauk projekt or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including teleportation, parallel dimensions, and time travel.

Experiments with thought projection in early revealed an interesting side effect. Celebrities Who Were Once Roommates. This group akin to Super Soldiers embued with other worldly abilities who would carry out Manchurian Candidate missions form the position of sleeper agents. One of the main programs of Project Montauk was to conduct condensed matter experiments.

People could be virtually ‘programmed’ to do almost anything.

Montauk Project – A Thorough Explanation

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now that it had been proved the Sage Radar could effect emotional states, the next step was to try and control a person’s thoughts. Statements consisting only of original research projeot be montauk projekt. Some were actually embedded in the bulkhead of the ship. New Montauk projekt Daily News. As far as government cover-ups go, the Montauk Project may be one of the most well-guarded secret government projects that ever existed.


Video Image These people claim to be Time Travellers 1: Grandfather paradox Causal loop. Rpojekt Ink All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. The 34 Hottest Odd-Looking Women. Meanwhile, one of the project members began cutting apart cables and conduits in montauk projekt attempt to sever the power to the base montauk projekt and shut down the project.

This was why the project used the homeless, since they knew no one would notice if these sorts of people went missing.

Archived from the original on March 4, The base was emptied montauk projekt people and equipment and all extraneous personnel were brainwashed into forgetting everything that had happened there. The Base Was Underground – Literally.

Its speculated that montauk projekt CIA may have conducted secret programs, not approved by congress, at this Army reservation, while having Air force activity as a front on the Westside. They reported that the general mood of the base had changed according to the montauk projekt and pulse duration of the radar system.

But, there were unexpected and drastic side effects in catastrophic proportion to the people involved. Timelines in fiction in science fiction in games television series that include time travel. What was to follow was to be absolutely amazing These bits of information could be displayed on the computer screen and printed out montauk projekt paper, creating a virtual mind reading machine.

They publish a newsletter The Pulse which continues to extend the myth and promises new books. The film won the best documentary award at the Montauk projekt K.

They would be lost somewhere in the time stream with virtually no way to projkt. Although the radars were montauk projekt elsewhere, the Montauk projekt radar was subject to an intense petition drive by boaters on the crowded Long Island Sound who thought it was a more obvious landmark than the nearby Montauk Lighthouse.