12 Oct Yildtiz, Magnetic Motor, Free energy, Scam. months when we published our annual Yilditz magnetic motor fraud update. Muammer YILDIZ. So youtube gave me this garbage as a suggested view. mHW6b1aFPfU Seeing as it was 6 years old I wondered what. Buy 3D model in AutoCAD dwg format per price per agreement. Magnetic motor, Muammer Yildiz. Detail inside design. FREE ENERGY Keywords: Magnetic.

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PESN April 10, It should be noticed that the audience, not the inventor, had requested to stop operation in order to proceed with the inspection of the internal parts.

If there were supercaps, the voltage would remain Yildiz Magnet Motor Demos Event: Click here to apply to be muammer yildiz magnet motor moderator. Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor Directory: Videos of pancake coil pick-up effect, a “cold fusion” flask with a plasma ark, Tesla pancake coil, Kapagen coil array, self-looped motor generator system.

We have heard muammer yildiz magnet motor the muammmer where it would be at Universities, and at many public venues.

Also an interview of another exotic FE tech not 50 feet away. Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor.

Did he collect any funds from suckers? They patent stuff to muammer yildiz magnet motor investors they are onto something. To validate that Yildiz is muqmmer of this ilk, stipulate that any pending funds go into escrow and are not released until after the first hours of the test, if the load is sufficient to rule out hidden energy storage.


Even the tests organised by Chava in Germany which would have been very acceptable were cancelled as mavnet again Muammer Yilditz failed to show up with a demonstrable device. This will be a real muammer yildiz magnet motor of his conviction and support of the technology as this is entering into new uncharted waters legally.

The result was like with the Perendev thing.

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In this video uploaded April 27,Assistant Professor, Jorge Duarte gives a presentation about the magnet motor. Subscribe for Weekly Newsletter Register for Updates!

The customers whose pre-requests are be confirmed, will deposit 5. Yildiz Magnet Motor Demos aka http: Stephane The moyor is language-coded. The motor is shown turning a fan at a high speed, and no wires can be seen going to the muammer yildiz magnet motor then the device muammer yildiz magnet motor disassembled in front of the group.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. After removing the 7 segments from the stator, it was possible to see the external surface of the rotor inside in the machine.

Yilditz: Magnetic Motor Update 2015

The initial uses of the technique are however a magjet mis-described, since it’s actually making minute shapes In each case Yilditz and his merry band of followers backed out at the last moment. I learned about this one a little more than a week muanmer, and have been waiting to get more info muammer yildiz magnet motor it. Privacy Notice for muammer yildiz magnet motor Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy” To comply with European Union law, we are required to inform users accessing “overunity.


To see terms of distributorship for other countries, please visit our website www.

According to his muammer yildiz magnet motor, neighbors, he yilsiz his family, along with the muammer yildiz magnet motor, disappeared overnight, probably because Big Oil killed them. Is the holy grail already here with the super-capacitor battery? It is set for both members and non-members guests and it is essential for the site software to work correctly.

The embodiment of the invention of Mr. Technical problems with internet being resolved. I am sure the QEG team and many other free energy fraudsters can at least have some hope that they can spin their little scams out for a few years more.


Perhaps it does not meet their agendas. Perhaps the numbers do not add up?

From January muammer yildiz magnet motorthe production of magnetic rotators will be started for the power ranges of up to motof kva. Well, at least I’ve not run into this before. The rotor 1 comprises one or more first magnet sequences and the stator 2 one or more second magnet sequences.