25 Apr Pandora’s Box is Vin Dicarlo’s flagship dating product. other products he has authored namely; No Flakes, S-Cubed, The Conversation Cure. Overview: “No Flakes” is a text/phone game product put out by Vin diCarlo with Julian Foxx that is supposed to help eliminate or reduce flaking. 17 Dec This is a good program that covers what happens after the pickup. You go out and pickup a girl but then suddenly she flakes out on you.

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Or even the current love of your life. EzinePublisher Report this article Cite this article. This program is worth checking out but honestly, I just got a sneak peek of the PowerDating system and flaes by far the best program I’ve ever listened to. Honestly, I’ve no flakes vin dicarlo to tell beautiful women I simply have no time for them, and well, they only want me more. All I ask, is that you make sure they’re ‘cool dudes’ like you and me. No flakes vin dicarlo DVD set teaches you in a very in-depth step-by-step manner, how to eliminate this flaky girl syndrome.

Remember ,— this release of NoFlakes! Otherwise maybe hold off for a while til you’re making the big bucks and then pick it up – no pun intended. I can’t tell you how many times it seemed like I was really hitting it off with a girl and was SURE that seeing her again was glakes.

Read below for my simple trick Product Information “No Flakes” is a system to help you avoid having girls flake on your for dates and meets after you have set them up, or acting ‘flaky’ on the phone when you call her after getting her number.

Is it worth it? Beginner Intermediate Learning Format: They also showed no flakes vin dicarlo some great techniques for no flakes vin dicarlo to do if you think she might not show up for the date, what to do if she actually doesn’t show up for the date how to save face and re-frame it to keep your statusand they showed us what to do if you screwed up and had a negative interaction a very snazzy little gem I’m going to use over and over.


And I didn’t want to lose that You may have had little experience with women throughout your life, or you may have had a long dry spell since your. How to Make Girls Chase.

Also I think we should have been able to ask questions during the program instead of saving them till the end. You can figure it this way.


And you might even want to rave to no flakes vin dicarlo friends. Business relationships, friendships and picking up have become so easy to manage since I view myself as an all around amazing person inside and out. She talked about the various reasons why women flake and it flakea made me feel better because now I realize that most of the time it is not about me. Tuesday, April 08, From: An example I have of this is when a woman comes up to you after making eye contact and compliments your ni or an attribute you possess.

Vin and Julian delivered. And it’s all because you’re getting more women to text you, call you and invite you out for first dates, than ever before! That’s flskes I think guys need to get this program when it comes out. no flakes vin dicarlo

Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

The difference between someone who is sleeping with a lot of women and someone who’s only getting phone numbers is his follow-up game. So overall I really don’t have anything negative to say, but I know some guys will think no flakes vin dicarlo a phony review unless I point out a couple of negatives, so January 01, Product No Longer Available.


Another great aspect was the research. I became significantly less afraid to approach women and exchange phone numbers with them!

Used no flakes vin dicarlo review validation only Enter your review’s title Enter a title for the review that summarizes your opinion Ratings the higher the better Effectiveness Is the content of high quality? DiCarlo Diclassified Dating Coaches: They discussed an overarching philosohy called ‘Get I. Does it have different content to other products? And still be left with only wishful thinking and heart-break to show for it.

It will give you some practical tips to better manage the issue of women ‘flaking’ on you. Weaker Points There are some examples of text conversations and some texts to send. I’m not sure if he no flakes vin dicarlo it yet to the public I was lucky to be able to get a sneak peak copy but I think it might be out by now.

No flakes vin dicarlo eBook

Write your own review. Was purchasing and using the product a smooth process?

She doesn’t return no flakes vin dicarlo calls or texts and you have no idea why. I was really caught off guard by how good this was. L,’ which basically gives a structure to text and phone game. At the end, when the box was open and the secret finally revealed, I really understood how follow up game works and why it is so effective when communicating with women.

The Click Magnet Dating System.