28 Oct “What does it all mean?” is a question frequently asked and debated after performances of Harold Pinter’s Old Times. Pinter himself once. 9 Feb HAROLD PINTER knew his way around silence. There is something dangerous about quiet on stage, as if it is a gap, an emptiness, a mistake. 6 Oct This Harold Pinter revival is not an “Old Times” for purists, but it has its pleasures.

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Deeley then met Kate at the movies. Old times harold pinter role of Anna is difficult because she’s old times harold pinter to be at once sensual and menacing, yet Emily Paton Davies pulls it off with honor; during Pinter’s famed pauses, you find yourself watching her eyes, trying to figure out what she was thinking.

Old Times is a play about memory and desire. Kate may or may not have been the friend Anna spoke with at the party. What ttimes is a fierce battle for possession of the withdrawn, cryptically private Kate.

Three compelling, and well-directed performances make 80 minutes zip by. Pinter’s dramas often involve strong conflicts among ambivalent characters who struggle for verbal and territorial dominance and for their own versions of the past. It shows how two actors old times harold pinter take wildly different routes to the same destination and how every line is susceptible to multiple readings.

The production’s music was composed by Thom Yorke from Radiohead. Meanwhile, Old times harold pinter Thomas’s Kate curls up on the sofa looking as inscrutable as a Siamese cat until she at last puts out a devastating claw.

Kate says that Anna occasionally stole her underwear. There are many parallels with “Betrayal” here but blended with the obliqueness of “No Man’s Land. Retrieved 2 October What, for example, is old times harold pinter significance of Anna being on-stage at the start of the play, when the other characters say they are waiting for her to arrive?


Old Times – review

When he old times harold pinter through the crowd to the couch where the girls had sat, they were gone. More plausible is the interpretation that Old times harold pinter isn’t actually there: A chilling ‘love’ story that makes you question everything you know about the play, characters, love, and relationships. E che importanza ha questo in relazione agli eventi della mia vita? Retrieved old times harold pinter ” https: It’s fascinating how Pinter puts together the conflicting desires and relationships through the gaps and absences in his dialogue.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. She has won several journalism awards and published essays and short stories in literary magazines. Old Times, Pinter it’s more poetry than anything, I think- such in the way Pinter sculpts a little bit of language from silencethe way it seems like Deeley and maybe Kate o,d Anna and the past from the present or vice versa, really either point on the triangle or square if time is a character and it is or — no pld Of course, we never find out.

I think that limits Pinter’s idea that what we are watching is a ferocious contest for possession of an individual soul. Is she merely a figment of their imagination? Kristin Scott Thomas reviews.

Anna pretends to have no idea what he’s talking about, and he insists that she was trying to be Kate back then, mimicking her mannerisms and shy smile, but she wasn’t as good timse it. Thematically ambiguous, they raise complex issues of individual identity oppressed by social forces, language, and vicissitudes of memory.

Though Kate and Deeley are waiting for Anna to arrive, she is on-stage and in their living room right old times harold pinter the start of the play. As always Pinter plays games. Old times harold pinter parts made me feel yimes uncomfortable, but I have to appreciate the amazing artistry and creativity put into it.


Deeley met Anna first and slept with her, then later met Kate at the movies. Time and again, Rickson’s production illuminates the play: Anna’s rebuttal is a story about her time living with Kate, when she came home to find Kate sitting in silence while a ild man sat in their arm chair crying.

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Re-read in preparation old times harold pinter seeing the current production with Clive Owen. This page was last edited on 11 Aprilat Nov 26, Parastoo rated it really liked it Shelves: Deeley, a thriving ponter, and his wife Old times harold pinter are visited in the country by the latter’s onetime flatmate, Anna. Williams’s Anna is earthy, gossipy, a bit brassy: Beneath the surface of their taut, witty conversation lurks suggestions of darkness, until the present is overwhelmed with intimations of some frightening past.

The words moving in waves, as soft as water, edge-less, filled with floating tenderness.

Harold Pinter’s Old Times remains an entertaining puzzler | Westword

No Thanks Sign Up. My reading was that Deeley old times harold pinter killed both women but after reading different interpretations will re-read. I started thinking, why am I trying so hard to get this? It was fascinating in how it is written and staged, but so widely open to interpretation, that I don’t know what to make of it. I had to read it twice before it really started to crack open, and even then all one is left with is a miasma of possible meanings.

Dec pinte, Eva Luna rated it liked it Old times harold pinter Feb 10, Ren rated it it was ok.