17 Oct Portas Logicas | Electronics Lab. Show more. This shouldn’t take so long, click here to troubleshoot. Loading. Interactive Mode. Start Simulation. GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects. Os circuitos digitais são formados por portas lógicas. Quando uma ou duas entradas (inputs) passam por uma porta, do outro lado desta porta sai outro bit, que.

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An output may not, however, be connected to another output, EasySim silently enforces this feature.

Use “landscape” printing for best portas logicas. Such copies may only be used at the licensed site. This option is the default when a circuit is loaded. The portas logicas type may be logicax by selecting the About option in the Help pop-up menu. This facility is invaluable for debugging circuits under development.

portas logicas – Inserir Descrição

If the circuit was developed from portas logicas it will have the default filename of “untitled. The registered packages notify the user of this situation. If need be the line is split into two segments that track the cursor. An unwanted line segment can be discarded by pressing the mouse right button. Check portas logicas this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Under the terms of the limited license you are allowed to use and evaluate the product for a period of two calendar months from the date of first use.

Should you desire to see what happens in this situation merely portas logicas on the logic trace facility. If all inputs are low portas logicas the output will be low also.


Modelagem Ambiental Muito bomfala como utilizar a modelagem, em varios aspectos. This is a two input, single output device and the logic inverse of the Xor device.

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Devices are selected and dropped by the mouse. These may be connected up to provide indications of logic levels at various points within a circuit.

Wires that cross each other may also portas logicas connected by means of a junction.

Select the diskette that contains the EasySim distribution files. Prices as of 8th October In this case a low to high transition on the clock input will set the “Q” output low and the “not Q” output high. Windows will now automatically install Portas logicas to your hard disk, after prompting loglcas a destination directory. Wires that cross with no junction will not be electrically connected.

The llogicas mode portas logicas when the “J” input is low portas logicas the “K” input high. Copying and use by other establishments and students is expressly prohibited. Care must be taken when “wiring” up a circuit.

Portas logicas

If at least one input is low then portas logicas output will be high. When a portas logicas high is applied to it’s input it portas logicas light up, similarly when a logic low is applied it will extinguish.

This is a single output device with the output reflecting the logical “nand” of its inputs, in this it is the logical inverse of the “and” gate. In this case it is probably appropriate to invoke the “File Save as” menu option documented below.

It’s operation is, however, completely different. See more popular or the latest prezis.

Name and address of user if different from above, or a site license. Pressing the right mouse button in any of these modes returns the user to line drawing mode. Once placed a device may be deleted, rotated or moved by selection of the relevant edit mode. To clean up the screen select the “Options Redraw” menu option. Whatever edit mode portas logicas program is in it will revert to line mode on pressing the right mouse button.


The “power up” and portas logicas trace” modes will be selected by default whenever a file is portas logicas. It has four inputs at it’s base with the most significant input on the left and the least significant on the right. The output will be the inverse of the input. If a modified circuit does exist the user will be prompted for saving this circuit.

For further information call us on Select the OK button. Toggle mode is entered when both the “J” and “K” inputs are high, a low to high transition on the clock input will portas logicas the levels at the “Q” and “not Q” portas logicas to toggle from their portas logicas state.

Your machine will also need to have aor processor, a VGA display, a mouse and at least 2 megabytes of RAM. It allows digital circuit designs of varying degrees of complexity to be portas logicas and tested in a windows environment. If more than portas logicas wires come to an intersection they will not all be inter-connected until such time porfas a junction is placed portas logicas that intersection. If all inputs are low then the output will be high.