Sa. 3. BS First Quality. Commercial Blast. 6. SP6 Definition · SP6 Picture White Metal Blasting SSPC-SP5 (SSI-Sa3), or NACE #1 Definition. Class (equivalent to ISO, Sa Very Thorough Blast-Cleaning). Use a non-metallic repeat abrasive blasting step. 2. Stripe coat welds, bolts. To check the roughness of steel surfaces which have been blast cleaned to cleanliness grades SA and SA 3 before painting.

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Residual millscale on steel surfaces is an unsatisfactory base to apply modern, high performance protective coatings and is therefore removed by abrasive blast cleaning. Hi Ted, I said ‘Arrrgh’ so many times when reading this page. The testing for soluble iron corrosion products is not usually required for new steelwork but is sometimes carried out on steelwork which has been stored in an external environment for long periods of time and on existing structures undergoing maintenance treatments.

March 18, A. I think there have been several cases of damage in the past and this was the conclusion I hope some reader fully understands the context of your question because it is too abstract for me.

Swedish Standard SA 2.5 shot blasting / surface prep

Please send me email updates from Graco. The specifications specifically mention stains, streaks and sandblastig, but they are practically the same: ISO June 4, Q.

Near White is typically specified for high performance coatings over steel exposed to severe environmental conditions, such as chemical spills and fumes, high humidity, and proximity to salt water. ISO is a pictorial standard containing reference photographs that illustrate what each blast specification looks like on a variety of rust grades and initial conditions. In short, our company approach the problem as follows: Tightly-adherent materials are permitted to remain.


Other methods can utilise sweeping and vacuum cleaning. What are the technical details of this spec Swedish Standard, SA 2. So please send answer as soon as you can. Compressed air for abrasive blasting shall not contain any trace of oil or water. Hi Kirit; hi Shivaraju. White Metal is the highest grade of abrasive blast cleaning.

Weld spatter and residual slags should also be removed.

I already answered that question on October 21, And some are less angular than others When you sabdblasting the goods, our engineer will solve the problem you meet and provide you after-sale service for days. I hope this will clear your queries on Blasting and surface preparation. Unfortunately I do not have all of the standards that people mention on this site, but ISOwhich you are talking about, is not the ISO that other people were talking about.

A width of 50mm is common.

The corners of rolled sections generally do not require grinding, as they are usually smooth as a result of the rolling process.

I understand from reading the posts that we need to differentiate between surface cleanliness and surface profile. It is environmentally friendly and, although at present it is costly compared with traditional blast cleaning methods, it is considered to be an emerging technology which will, in the near future, rival and possibly replace traditional open abrasive blast cleaning methods. Regards, Ted Mooney, P. A very wide range of abrasives is available.

I’m not an expert in this subject, but I can’t imagine how it could be a problem. To the best of my knowledge, blasting is for cleaning removing surface contaminantsand I have personally never heard of anyone attempting to polish an article by blasting, so I think he’s right.


Comparing Surface Prep Standards – SSPC/NACE and ISO

Not exactly what you want? Contact a Blasting Expert We hereby confirm receipt of your message and will contact you shortly Thank you for your inquiry. November 1, A. What microns should be there after sand blasting. October 8, Hi Ted, I said ‘Arrrgh’ so many times when reading this page. We gave an analogous example that strawberries can be clean or dirty irrespective of the size of the slices.

China sound steel China steel plate ss China clean steel. It is clearly mentioned that “Surface roughness” cannot be the outcome of blasting process and it isn’t measurable also – NO standard calls Particular attention needs to be paid to the blast cleaned sandblastung because weld metal is harder and site blast cleaning is more difficult than shop blasting.

Surface preparation –

The color red sandblsating neither included nor precluded by the car having 5 seats. However, if the DFT is quite high, the underlying Ra is less noticeable.

Now a little swndblasting of corrosion exists. For large surfaces, pressure washing with soapy water is recommended, although soap residue will inhibit coating adhesion and should be rinsed off.

I want to know sanrblasting SA These standards give a better representation of the actual amounts of contamination which should be present. If you have a rust grade A or B mill scale on full or parts of surface you need “heavy” high density grains to hammer the hard and brittle scale off the surface.

All our steel products will show you original inspection certificate. I hope that this helps Best Regards.