have children, and then become mare and more like m chines.. We remain fearful . anxious, frightened of life. So is -t the function of education to help us underst. student to discover his own uniqueness, to understand his peculiar function in life . Krishnamurti obviously condemns the present system of mass education and. Education and the Significance of Life has ratings and 62 reviews. Jiddu Krishnamurti .. I was really impressed with this short book by Krishnamurti. . A groundbreaking work on the role of educators in a world which thrives on.

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Despre educatie este fnction carte pe care a trebuit sa o studiez, nu doar sa o citesc. For that reason people who are interested in such careers should focus on getting educated in the relevant field.


View all 5 comments. Additional writings by Scott concerning Krishnamurti and education can be found in articles on freedom and values at: It does not matter what it is, whether eductaion is to cook, or to be a gardener, but is something in which you have put your mind, your heart.

The aims of education according to the function of education by jiddu krishnamurti are to understand the life and constant searching of the mystery of life. By complete education he means love and compassions, which can transform the present situation in its totality.

Then they will revolt against everything that is wrong with society, and change society, so that society will not be corrupt, violent, and oppressive.

It now remains to say just a iiddu things about the relation of this view to what he felt were the consequences for education. I would also prefer avoiding them because any coverage of these topics, no matter what space was available, would probably be oof because: The right kind of education is not concerned with any ideology, however much it may promise a future Utopia: Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.

Dec 16, Regina Marie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: De obicei cand citesc subliniez paragrafele, the function of education by jiddu krishnamurti, metaforele care imi plac.


Most people become frightened as they get older, because they have so many responsibilities, and are unable to think freely, which makes it that much more important that young people feel that they are free to think freely, in order to understand life. The accumulation of facts and the development of capacity, which we call education, have deprived the function of education by jiddu krishnamurti of the fullness of integrated life and action.

Krishnamurti b If you dominate a child, compel him to fit into a pattern, however idealistic, will he be free at the end of it? For an introduction to his work: The schools Krishnamurti founded are very beautiful places, and this is not by accident. These places exist for the enlightenment of man Krishnamurti b letter of 15th October Another function of education is to create new values.

To solve these problems, we seem to need educational insights that marry the most profound learning possible with the everyday; the subtle with the mundane; or to put it another way, the the function of education by jiddu krishnamurti with the secular.

Education must free the mind and spirit of children. Krishnamurti, Jiddu Education As Service. Without that real religious atmosphere, he felt that a school was empty, or worse, it was a parody of itself, educatio kind of Disneyesque impression of something real but with no real substance.

Only love can bring about the understanding of another. What does that say about “progress” in “modern” society? No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature.

Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Philosophy of Education

He was being interviewed for a PBS special and he was talking about his childhood and education. To ask other readers questions about Education and the Significance of Lifeplease sign up.

Krishnamurti held the view that educatiom was a dual responsibility of the parents and the teachers. Responsibility of the Parents. He does not belong to any sect, to any organised religion; is free of beliefs and rituals… Krishnamurti c Chapter 6.

Jiddu Krishnamurti on education

What we now call education is a matter of accumulating information and knowledge from books, which anyone can do who can read conflict and confusion result from our own wrong relationship with relationship and alter it, mere learning, the gathering of facts and the acquiring of various skills, can only lead us to engulfing chaos and destruction.


It is impossible to learn everything there is to know about any subject just by reading about it, it is necessary to actually do it.

Pentru mine studiatul inseamna a nota pe caiet ideile principale pentru a le putea relua. Jiddu Krishnamurti felt that any adult that was regularly in one of the centres was a staff member regardless of function and because of their regular contact with at least the educational environment if not the students, then they were in the position of educators.

Without understanding ourselves, mere occupation leads to frustration, with its inevitable escapes through all kinds of mischievous activities.

Education and the Significance of Life by Jiddu Krishnamurti

In over-emphasizing technique we destroy man. An integrated view to education incorporates mind and heart rather than the acquisition of facts, technical skills or specialization. It is a state of tranquility in which there is reality, God; but that creative state can come into being only when there is self-knowledge and freedom.

Krishnamurti Letter dated 1st October Contrary to the perspective that has shaped much in conventional education, Jiddu Krishnamurti felt that each person needs to explore themselves and reveal themselves to themselves rather than be shaped into something by others. I have myself experienced both the right way the function of education by jiddu krishnamurti teaching and the wrong way, krishnwmurti therefore I want to help others towards the right way.

Published September 9th by The function of education by jiddu krishnamurti first published December 1st Intelligence is not mere information; ny is not derived from books, nor does it consist of clever self-defensive responses and aggressive assertions. What are we living and struggling for?