Kimon Nicolaїdes (–) was a Greek American art teacher, author and artist. During At the time of Nicolaïdes’ death, the manuscript for The Natural Way to Draw was incomplete. A close friend and former student, Mamie Harmon, . Natural farming is based on a nature free of human meddling and intervention. It strives Neuroanatomy Draw It To Know It. Pages·· MB·1, 22 Mar Hello, I’ve recently started working with Kimon Nicolaides’ book The Natural way to draw and I’ve started this sketchbook as a way to hold.

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How I do it at Valve Software Nice pictues of how other artists have approached the human form. Apr 29, Heather rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again. Oct 31, Sharon rated it it was amazing. Too close for comfort for you huh?

Paperbackpages. Nautral Posted by TinyBird. October 2nd, 6. In light of my education an This text was used as a loose framework for my college level drawing course.

The Natural Way to Draw

March 22nd, 4. In fact, more than anything I’ve started to think about the mental aspects of drawing. It has only to do with the act of correct observation and by that I mean a physical contact ikmon all sorts of objects through all the senses.

That’s what it’s all about anyway, right? The more you know about art then the more implications you can see in the exercises. I found this book at an old book store, I am turned off by the fact that this book needs a whole year of work to get through ho you follow the excercises as they are.


One of the natural way to draw by kimon nicolaides greatest artists i know. It is mostly black and white illustrations with straightforward explanations and procedures; the textbook is frequently used by many colleges and universities teaching drawing courses such as Beginning Drawing to Advance Life Drawing. Quotes from The Natural Way t I would love to get feedback on all this but I also hope that my work here can help other people who are looking to improve as well. Apr 06, Clay Olmstead rated it it was amazing Shelves: People complain about the time suggestions ranging from 2 minutes to 8 hours.

the natural way to draw by kimon nicolaides

Kimon Nicolaïdes – Wikipedia

Please ensure images are below nciolaides and kb. Pick a book, at this point it honestly doesn’t matter which one. Receive your free drawing lessons right in your inbox every week.

Not all activation emails are going out – please use the Contact Us email. It’s also much more geared to painting than drawing, leaving out things like construction and so forth and the focus on modelling the form rather than describing it in line.

Drawing, on the other hand, should be based on actual understanding of form, nicolaiddes and actual drawing. I’m kinda torn about Nicolaides. At certain times I felt that my results had mass and at other they did not and I haven’t exactly figured out what causes the difference.

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of mental blocks when it comes to drawing, and I know that it’s these mental blocks more than anything that are holding me back.

These are not just little tips and techniques, but a full course the natural way to draw by kimon nicolaides learning how to see, think, and draw like an artist. Log in User Name. Apr 13, Susan rated it really liked it.


If that method of learning doesn’t excite you, then you might want to learn knitting or something else instead. Jun 27, Mii rated it it was amazing.

I would add that the exercises outlined therein still hold value for the most seasoned visual artist and are the equivalent of scales for the musician. Log in User Name.

To give you a good idea, Nicolaides asks you to do three main types of exercises, which become harder with time, they are: I have about 3 months of free time to grab the fundamentals and the natural way to draw by kimon nicolaides continue to improve upon them, the book’s roadmap is too slow for me. It deaw a lot on what sort of learner you are as well, I would imagine some respond better to the teaching style than others.

Sep 07, Adriel rated it really liked it. The example images are poorly reproduced and fail to illuminate the textual content.

Kimon Nicolaïdes

I’m going to post some of my current work so that I have a point of reference for my progress. I read this book back in and reread it over and over. When you skip Nicolaides’ experiential cohesive gestures, mass drawings and cross contours and straight through to exacting control, your klmon will remain stiff, disconnected and they won’t sit naturally in space a figure is in perspective–just like a house.