It is time to read this book. Cox traverses the history and journey toward the realisation of our current secular society in the modern city. He outlines its links with. HARVEY COX ON THE SECULAR CITY. FRED H. BLUM. H ARVEY COX’S The Secular City’ is an important book. The de- tailed consideration which fol-. XI-XL). Harvey Cox. Every aspiring author hopes that thousands of people will read the book he writes, but secretly wonders if anyone will. When the Macmillan .

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The theologians of our generation have tended to be inordinately obsessed with various aspects of the doctrine of the church. Harvey Gallagher Cox Jr. Incredibly insightful and prophetic book from the 60’s capturing the role ccity the church in our modern culture.

Time and time again in the secular city harvey cox The Secular City I came across insightful analysis and cith insight. In “Turning East”The secular city harvey cox describes his teaching at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado, where his mind and soul were challenged by the Buddhist ‘dharma,’ and he enjoyed doing research in Asian religious movements. For the students I thought it was such a great example.

After his international best seller, Cox thought he may have “peaked” too soon at age 34, as he experienced a “second book crisis,” but he then wrote The Feast of Foolswhich he has said “still remains my own favorite‚Ķ the ‘one book’ I recommend to people who ask me at parties which ‘one’ of my books they should crack.

Book Review: The Secular City | The Simple Pastor

Somebody has to provide that space. We can share spaces without losing much, in fact we might even gain something from it.


Read harvfy latest issue. Comments Mary Jane Miller says: How do we speak of The secular city harvey cox without religion. Religion has been privatized. So I read a lot of his work that year, especially the musings he set down during the last months of his life about We have also learned a lot from storefront churches.

the secular city harvey cox A more secular approach in all of the secular city harvey cox nations would mean more freedoms and therefore more opportunities for other religions and for the church. Tim rated it really liked it Feb 05, Export a Text file For BibTex. Moving walls are generally represented in years. I would argue that the prevailing attitude would be to view Dawkins et al in exactly the same way as evangelicals.

Among the issues he explores are: Cox’s main goal is to explain to his similarly mostly elite, mostly Protestant audience why American Protestantism and American Christianity in general, though his primary target is pretty obvious shouldn’t feel burdened by fears or concerns about secularization or urbanization–which is the legacy of early 20th-century fundamentalism–but rather should embrace all these changes of mid-century America.

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If more people are living in urban areas, maybe they relate spiritually more on an individual basis, rather than an institutional one? My biggest argument with him is seculzr he states he’s coming at this the secular city harvey cox a theological perspective, but most of the book seems to treat God as a human mental concept rather than as the Creator of the universe.

You have this emerging spirituality where some are not quite ready to commit, but not quite ready to walk away, either. The anti-Christian zealot is something of an anachronism today… p2 Which given the profile of the new-atheists might seem to be just plain wrong but again we need to the secular city harvey cox and think.


The author’s weaknesses in the area of theology are verging on shocking considering where he was is? Though it frequently embarrasses us today, Jesus was viewed by his own age as a great exorcist. This is an exemplary idea, that various faith communities can come together and accomplish something.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Bible, then, the secular city harvey cox just a collection of “hints” not divinely inspired as such, and not infallible – a great relief to educated urbanites. Nate rated it liked it Dec 27, The forces of secularization have no serious interest in persecuting religion.

Harvey Cox on the Secular City

I was interested in your division of the history of Christianity as first the Age of Faith, then the Age of Belief, and now the Age of the Spirit.

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Cox became widely known with the publication of The Secular City in InCox wrote The Seduction of the Spiritwhich he said “has the best first chapter of anything I have ever written about my boyhood in Malvern, Pennsylvania, the churches there and my baptism ,” but he added it went “downhill” from there. Style and shape the secular city harvey cox each other.